[NWA Smoky Mtn] 4 Corners Match to crown #1 Contender for NWA World Jr. Champ

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas is going to have one busy summer.  His schedule has been picking up. Breaking radio silence, “The Reaper” Matt Conard took to youtube to announce his challenge has finally been answered by the “Modern Day Hero” for July, Friday the 13th.  Announced a few months ago, Douglas would be taking on Sebastian Cruz for NWA DAWG’s All American Bash.

Not to be outdone, NWA Smoky Mountain will be attempting to grant one of their top Junior Heavyweights a shot at the “Modern Day Hero” Kevin Douglas and his top prize.  At Cage Of Death, June 30th, one of Sigmon, Kyle Matthews, Zac Vincent, or Chase Owens will walk away with a NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match Contract.  If Douglas is successful in his up-coming defenses, he’ll have another fight on his hands, courtesy of NWA Smoky Mountain.

*Kyle Matthews has spent time developing his talents all over the South Atlantic competing regularly for Rampage Pro, in June 2008 Kyle participated in Chikara annual Young Lions Cup, a tournament for wrestlers under the age of 25. With his mix of old school wrestling knowledge and new school high flying ability Kyle Matthews is young superstar on the rise in professional wrestling.

Chase Owens has been ranked #1 on the unofficial talkNWA Junior Heavyweight Division and was a long time Mountain Empire Champion and NWA Mid-Atlantic Junior Heavyweight Title.  However, a thorn in the side of Owens has been Sigmon.

Sigmon has taken the Mountain Empire Championship and the Mid Atlantic Jr. Heavyweight Championship away from Owens.  And although Owens has become a darling for the NWA, Sigmon might be the next big thing in the Junior Heavyweight Division.

Zac Vincent is a new comer to NWA Smoky Mountain, but has all the capabilities in the world to shock three other men in one night.

*Corrections and Retractions:

We originally mistakenly identified Kyle Matthews as Kyle O’Riley.  My apologies to both Matthews and O’Riley. 
We also erroneously identified the Smoky Mountain Championship formerly held by Owens and currently held by Sigmon as the Empire State Championship, it is actually the Mountain Empire Championship.  Sorry for the confusion and thanks for reading.

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