NWA Smoky Mountain: Why Chase Owens, Why?

A gallant effort of Ricky Morton was cut short when the “Roaring Elbow” that shocked the world effectively eliminated any hopes of the NWA Hall of Famer from winning the long covenanted NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.  On May 18th in front of a back Civic Auditorium the fans in Kingsport Tennessee were there to cheer on their hero Rick Morton whose storied career last 4 decades.  Ricky Morton had won the Smoky Mountain Cup even after being blindsides by Tony Kozina and left for dead.  He outlasted Sigmon, Adam Pearce, and NWA National Champion Damien Wayne for the opportunity to face the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Rob Conway.  It seemed as if Morton would overcome insurmountable odds over and over to get what he felt he deserved nearly 30 years ago, to be NWA World Champion.

Morton’s opportunity was stolen at Collision Course 9.  The Illuminati would muddy the water of this championship bout by attacking Ricky Morton in the middle of the main event.  An injured referee would open the window for Tony Givens and Chris Richards to lay into Morton while a dazed Rob Conway attempt to regain his wits.  The crowed erupted with NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Chase Owens made his way to ring side.  It is a well known fact that Owens was mentored by the Rock’n’Roller.  That Owens thought of Morton as a “Second Dad.”

So why in the hell did Owens attack his mentor?

The Illuminati’s overtures to Owens had been rebuffed for months.  Why now?  The Illuminati offered to help Owens with Kevin Douglas months ago and secure that NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship earlier, yet Owens refused.

Was it jealously of the One Last Shot?  Not unlike Judas, Owens sold out his mentor, sold out his hero, and destroyed everything.  Where does this leave NWA Smoky Mountain or Ricky Morton?  One thing is for sure, the Illuminati seem to have gained a powerful ally in the NWA and everyone in Smoky Mountain has been put on notice.

The Illuminati

“Last several years I’ve been too nice.  I’ve had friends stab me in the back and I would just let it slide.  Well everyone is on notice right now that there is a more focused more aggressive a more intense Chase Owens along with my new friends in the Illuminati. This spells bad news for everyone not just in NWA  Smoky Mountain but the entire NWA. He who holds the power, rules the world.  Last night I showed Ricky Morton that I wasn’t going to be his shadow anymore. Now I am part of the strongest faction in the NWA the Illuminati. Tony Givens, Chris Richards, Alex Winters, Nick Hammonds, and Rob Knight with myself are going to take over the NWA brick by brick and it started last night with Rob Conway.”

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