NWA Smoky Mountain TV Taping June 14th

NICK HAMMONDS came back to NWA Smoky Mountain with a vengeance in March after spending some time as a champion in a lower level area promotion.

Nick Hammonds is going after gold again, but this time he is shooting for the most prestigious title in the Southeast United States: the NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Championship!

JASON KINCAID has been NWA Smoky Mountain Champion for an incredible 563 days and counting. Jason is the longest reigning champion of any kind in the history of NWA Smoky Mountain.

THE ILLUMINATI would love nothing more than to break Kincaid’s streak and add another title to their collection. They have selected Hammonds for the job… but can he get it done?

We will find out as Jason Kincaid defends his title against Nick Hammonds on Saturday, June 14 in Elizabethton, TN at the VFW.

FOR MORE INFO ON THE CARD VISIT http://www.nwasmokymountain.com/events/june14.html

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