NWA Shockwave boosts YouTube Channel

NWA Shockwave boosts the YouTube Channel views with its premiere episode. With the first episode garnering similar numbers to NWA POWERRR and adds more views to existing views.

NWA Shockwave has proven to be a hot commodity for the National Wrestling Alliance as Shockwave boosts YouTube Channel. With Episode 1 dipping into the same numbers as NWA POWERRR, the NWA’s Partnership with the United Wrestling Network has created new growth on the NWA YouTube Page. This is perhaps will continue with more content.


NWA POWERRR was a weekly wrestling program highlighting the talents of the National Wrestling Alliance. It became the centerpiece of the NWA YouTube Channel, eclipsing Ten Pounds Of Gold, where it aired every Tuesday at 6:05 PM Eastern (a call back to the old NWA time slot on TBS). The adulation the program received was unheard of. The show lasted 21 episodes until it was suspended, due to Covid-19. The show established quite a few breakout names during its short run, like Ricky Starks, Zicky Dice, and reintroduced the world to talents like Trevor Murdoch, Aron Stevens, and Eddie Kingston.

What did the NWA do after POWERRR?

The National Wrestling Alliance struggled to pivot during the height of the pandemic. The YouTube Channel struggled to gain any momentum after they announced the cancelation of production. They released the full NWA 70th Anniversary event which received close to their NWA POWERRR numbers. NWA ownership continued to effort to repackage previous matches. They released the Full Event for the NWA Pop Up Event to decent views, but after eight months they still haven’t reached 100 thousand views. The NWA released the full version of Crockett Cup 2019, it’s views were comparable to NWA POWERRR. They also managed to stretch out Kamile’s first match and post-interview to garner 120K views. Shortly thereafter they introduced Carnyland, which numbers weren’t at the level of POWERRR, and really, The NWA has failed to crack 100K views until the debut of NWA Shockwave.

What’s NWA Shockwave?

The partnership between the NWA and the United Wrestling Network created a series of roughly 12 matches. The NWA packaged these matches into NWA Shockwave and slotted the show into the NWA POWERRR timeslot, Tuesdays at 6 PM Eastern. Shockwave is expected to be a limited-run. Most of the matches aired initially on Prime Time LIVE’s weekly Pay-Per-View but were sprinkled in with dark matches that never aired. The show is getting a lot of visibility. The NWA featured four title changes during their episodes on PTL.

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