NWA SEW’s SuperBrawl July 20th

The Stars of SEW converge in Caldeonia Ohio for Superbrawl 2013, featuring “Iron Man” Rob Conway defending the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against former NWA National Champion Damien Wayne.

Preshow Battle RoyalNWA SEW 07-20-13

1. Twisted vs Andrew Chene

NWA-CIW Featured Match
2. Sons of Michigan vs The Scarbonis w/ Vinnie from Jersey Vs Legion

NWA-CCW Title vs Title Match
3. Evan Money Morris w/ Garret Williams vs Shane Somers

NWA-SEW Citywide Championship
4. Joseph Donnely w/Keith Ryan vs Stormy(C)

NWA-CIW Featured Match
5. Krimson vs Bryan Castle

I Quit Match
6. “The Boss” Jonathan Hampton vs Joe Bruizer w/ Keith Ryan

NWA-SEW Tag Team Championship
7. Legends of Darkness vs L33T(C)

NWA-SEW Heavyweight Championship
8. Mystery Opponent vs Malice(C) w/ Keith Ryan

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
9. Damian Wayne vs “Iron man” Rob Conway(C)


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