NWA Rising Phoenix Wrestling 12/12/09 Results

Rising Phoenix Wrestling
12/12/09 Results
Results from San Tan Valley AZ.

1. The A-List (Top Shelf Jeremy Jager & Roger Ruiz) Def.
Sergio Vega & Lucha Starr

2. Miracle Mike James Def. Ryan Castle

3. Feature Presentation Jay Garland Def. Johnny Starr

4. 6 Man Tag Willie Mack, Alex Kingston and Dan Moore
Def. Bobby Marshall, Brandon Parker and Chris Vice

5. Arizona Heavyweight Championship Match Brandon
Gatson Def. Terex w/Johnny Manson to retain the title. Terex
& Johnny Manson attacked Gatson after the match. Mike
James came to the ring with a steel chair to help Gatson,
then hit Gatson with the steel chair. Mike James, Terex and
Johnny Manson celeabrate as they leave.

6. Simm Snuka w/Superfly Jimmy Snuka Def. GQ Gallo

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