NWA Re-introduces World Jr. Heavyweight Championship | NWA NEWS

Starting, January 8th, the NWA will bring a greater focus to Junior Heavyweights. The National Wrestling Alliance is bringing back the World Jr. Heavyweight Championship. The title was “frozen” in 2017 when Billy Corgan purchased the NWA from Bruce Tharpe. They are rumored to crown a new champion at the Crocket Cup 2022.

On episode 3 of season 7 of NWA POWERRR, Joe Galli distinguished on commentary the weight limit for the division. The Junior Heavyweight Division will have a max weight limit of 225 lbs. By comparison, WWE’s Cruiserweight Division was set at 205 lbs. The IWGP’s weight class for Junior Heavyweights is 100k or 220 lbs. In Boxing, the Junior Heavyweight limit is 200 lbs.

Episode 4 of the Junior Heavyweight Retrospective

Unfortunately, the NWA has chosen not to include former champion, Barrett Brown. Brown was the last person to hold the title. He had anticipated returning to the NWA once the title was reactivated. “This championship was my Holy Grail. This was my life’s work. Now that neither has happened and given the right opportunity, I would love to fight for what I was never beaten for”.

At Hard Times 2 Pre Show, Homicide defeated eleven other competitors in a Gauntlet. This victory cemented his position in the finals of the Jr. Heavyweight Tournament. From the Hard Times 2 PPV, Austin Aries defeated Rhett Titus in the Preliminary Round to Advance. Jamie Stanley defeated Miguel Robles, Jeremiah Plunket, and Alex Taylor to solidify his spot in the tournament. The tournament will take place on NWA USA, which will be free to all on YouTube. NWA USA will also be part of the NWA All Access subscription on FITE.

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