NWA RAGE Debut Event, August 10th

NWA Rage 08-10-13AProfessional Wrestling makes it return to Sharpsburg with Renegade Alliance of Grappling Entertainment.

The “NWA” N.C. Championship did not change.  The NWA’s Recognized North Carolina Champion is Redman.  The Champ is Scheduled to Appear August 10th in Sharpsburg to Sign a New Contract with RAGE.

Scheduled to Wrestle August 10th in Sharpsburg: B.A. Bobby Austin, Mark James, William Alexander Huckaby, NWA Eastern States Champion Lou Marconi, The Lords of K.A.O.S. (“The Xperience” Damien Wayne and “The Canadian Lion” Lance Erikson), Rex Sterling, Sgt. Small, “Mr Unforgettable” Sean Cruise, and Phil Brown with much more to come.


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