NWA Pro/M1W presents: Centre City Slam

NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling present the Centre City Slam at the Downtown YMCA in San Diego CA at 7PM on July 24th.  The event will showcase former WWE Talent.  Scorpio Sky earned the right  to face Shelton Benjamin at the American Sports Center when he defeated Joey Ryan and Johnny Goodtime in a triple threat match.  At the time, Sky had no idea who his mystery opponent would be.  But announced shortly after Scorpio Sky will be taking on Shelton Benjamin formerly of the WWE.  Benjamin a former WWE Tag Team Champion and Intercontinental Champion will certainly one of Sky’s toughest opponents to date.
Also recently announce the current NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions, the RockNES Monsters, Johnny Yuma and Johnny Goodtime are scheduled to take on Former WWE Tag Team Champions in Paul London and TNA’s Brian Kendrick. In their short time as champions Yuma and Goodtime have fought off the Challenges of Pringle Dyansty members Natural Selection and former NWA World Tag Champions Los Luchas.  But they haven’t faced the kind of opposition that the “Intrepid Traveler” Paul London and The Brian Kendrick bring to the table.
Also scheduled Mach-1 Heavyweight Champion, Willie Mack will also be defending against former champion James Morgan.  Morgan has been clawing his way back into a championship match since losing the title, nearly 8 months ago.  And the jealousy Morgan has for Willie Mack’s accomplishments only grows as Mack stock has risen in the world of wrestling since defeating Australia’s Bobby Marshall for the M1W Championship, appearing for National Touring Wrestling promotions like Juggalo Championship Wrestling and Lucha VaVoom.
 Another Main Event caliber match has just been added to this enormous event.  Joey Ryan just came off an epic match with the Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Adam Pearce.  Joey nearly won the championship the last time he was near San Diego, but this  time he is facing a former NWA World Champion of another kind.  Currently the Heartland States Champion, Steve Corino has held championship gold from all over the world.  Corino’s return to the NWA was predicated on that he wanted another shot at the Worlds Championship.  Both of these men have been leveraged to achieve another chance at that crown, but come July 24th something has got to give.  If Joey defeats Corino, surely he breaks the top ten of contenders to the NWA Worlds Titles.  And if Corino scores a victory over Ryan, he too surely has a claim for a shot at the Legendary 10lbs. of Gold.
All this and more during the San Diego Comic Con in San Diego.

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