NWA Pro/M1W Presents Centre City Slam!

Main Event
Scorpio Sky vs. Shelton Benjamin
– On June 5th, Scorpio Sky defeated Joey Ryan & Johnny Goodtime in a triple threat match to earn a spot in Main Event at the biggest M1W show of the year against a mystery opponent. It was later revealed that the mystery opponent was none other than for WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin! Now two of the most naturally gifted athletes to ever step foot in a ring will go head to head for the first time ever.

NWA Pro/M1W Heritage Tag Team Championship Match
RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) (c) vs. Brian Kendrick & Paul London
– For nearly four months, The RockNES Monsters have been on a roll as the NWA Pro/M1W Heritage Tag Team Champions, overcoming any task that is put in their way. This might just be their toughest task to date as they face former WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick & Paul London who not only have that accomplishment under their belt, but also have more experience as a tag team than the current champions.

NWA Pro/M1W Championship Match
Willie Mack (c) vs. James Morgan
– This has been the most consistent and bitter rivalry in the history of M1W. Ever since Willie Mack became NWA Pro/M1W Champion, as the expense of former champion Morgan in a fatal four way elimination, Morgan has been at the throat of the champion, leaving him on the shelf with an injury, not only once, but twice. Willie Mack’s most current injury came at the hands of Morgan’s paid assassin, Cedric The Hitman, less than 3 weeks ago. Willie Mack has promised fans he will be in San Diego to defend his title, but many think Mack will not be at 100% if he makes it to “Centre City Slam.”

First Time Match
Joey Ryan vs. “The King of Old School” Steve Corino
– Since Joey Ryan’s split with C. Edward Vanderpyle, he has been on a tear in NWA Pro/M1W and has climbed into the NWA World Championship picture and looks to continue his winning ways against former ECW & former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino. Corino however, has other plans in mind and looks to catapult his way back into the NWA World Championship picture by defeating one of the top contenders.

Ladies Match
Buggy vs. Candice LeRae
– Over the past few months, Buggy has seen her popularity rise among the fans here in Southern California as somewhat of a rookie sensation. Candice LeRae seems to have taken exception to this and as the woman who paved the way for all women’s wrestling in Southern California, wants to make sure that she remains the queen bee here in SoCal.

International Tag Team Match
Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) vs. Anchors Away (David E. Jones & Ryan Stone)
– Dealing with arrogant Americans is not new to Los Luchas, however Anchors Away being from the San Diego area, may have the home field advantage, not to mention establishing their wrestling in San Diego also gives them a more lucha influenced style which a lot of times Los Luchas can use to catch people off guard and score victories. With Anchors Away being schooled in that style, Los Luchas may have to figure out an alternate means to defeat the San Diego natives.

SoCal Pro Match
SoCal Crazy vs. Tommy Wilson
– SoCal Pro is the local NWA affiliate in the San Diego area and have signed this match between two of its top contenders for the SoCal Pro Championship. This match, on this stage is sure to have a big impact on the ranking system and the challengers that the SoCal Pro office deems fit to go after their most coveted prize.

Generations Match
Disco Machine vs. “Pretty” Peter Avalon
– Disco Machine is one of the original SoCal wrestlers who put this area on the professional wrestling map. His abilities have only gotten better as his skill and wisdom have grown. Peter Avalon is a relative newcomer to the area and is looking to not only get noticed, but force his way into becoming a household name by taking out an established veteran like Disco Machine.

International Singles Match
Ariya Daivari vs. Atsushi Sawada
– The NWA is known for having the best world wide competition and this match is an example of that. Middle East and Far East collide as Ariya Daivari, the younger brother of Shawn Daivari, takes on IGF warrior Atsushi Sawada.

8-Man Tag Team Match
Jacob Diez, Andrew Hellman, Mikey Callahan & Nick Madrid vs. Cedric The Hitman, Kyle Webb, Jason Watts & Brandon Parker
– For those following M1W Friday Fight Night, you will notice that this 8-Man Tag Team Match consists of four individual feuds as the issues between Diez & Cedric, Hellman & Webb, Callahan & Watts and Madrid & Parker are all heating up each and every week they seem to be at eachothers throats. There are many combustible elements in this one.

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