NWA Pro/M1W "New Years Day Cup" – A 16 Person Juniors Tournament on January 1st, 2011

In the tradition of and inspired by RevPro’s “Revolution J”, which was the premier SoCal juniors tournament of it’s time, NWA/M1W presents the “New Years Day Cup” which will be a 16 person tournament held over one day on Saturday January 1st, 2011 with a start time of 4pm.

One person will have to compete and win in four matches over the course of one evening to win the “New Years Day Cup” and lay claim to be one of, if not the top junior in Southern California.

To qualify as a junior, one must weigh in at under 200 pounds on the day of the event. Here is a list of the entries into this inaugural event.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon
Carson City, NV – 5’10” – 169lbs. – Finisher: “The Marti-Knees”
– “Pretty” Peter Avalon has been enjoying successes recently on NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood as well as in M1W, EWF & PWG here in Southern California and could use this tournament to cement his status as a main player.

Todd Chandler
Huntington Beach, CA – 5’9″ – 180lbs. – Finisher: “Just Ribbing You”
– Todd Chandler is one half of the newly crowned SoCal Pro Tag Team Champions and is looking to continue to ride that momentum into singles success and bring the cup home.

Disco Machine
Studio 54 in Tempe, Armenia – 5’10” – 199lbs. – Finisher: “Chokebreaker”
– Disco Machine is the most seasoned veteran in the tournament as looking to use that experience to edge out the competition and add the cup to his already stacked list of accolades.

Famous B
Beverly Hoods, CA – 5’8″ – 180lbs. – Finisher: “Flashing Lights”
– Famous B out of The Santino Brothers training camp brings an element of mystery to the tournament being a relative newcomer to the NWA family and may just be able to use this unexpectedness to make his way to the cup.

Johnny Goodtime
His parents basement in Scranton, PA – 5’11” – 195lbs. – Finisher: “I’m crushing your head”
– Johnny Goodtime is one of the most successful teams currently in the NWA, The RockNES Monsters, but singles success has eluded him for the most part and now he has an opportunity to earn some singles glory.

Las Vegas, NV – 5’8″ – 170lbs. – Finisher: “Devil’s Dagger”
– Kyu is a tremendous high flier and a juniors tournament might just be the platform he needs to be successful as he is stylistically most comfortable in this element.

Candice LeRae
Disneyland, CA – 5’2″ – 113lbs. – Finisher: “Raccoon Neckbreaker”
– Candice LeRae is the only female in the tournament and had to petition hard for the spot as the NWA typically doesn’t condone the element of a man vs. a woman, but her history in battling man and successes in it have convinced the Board of Directors.

Jarek Matthews
Woodward, OK – 5’7″ – 200lbs. – Finisher: “So I guess this is goodbye”
– Jarek Matthews is perhaps the biggest underdog in the tournament but you’d never know it by talking to him as that day as well as everyday to him is “The Best Day Ever.”

Brandon Parker
Los Angeles, CA – 5’9″ – 155lbs. – Finisher: “Top Rope Double Stomp”
– Brandon Parker is a striker has a strong ground game that may come in handy battling fellow juniors because if he can find a way to keep his opponents grounded then the cup will be his.

TJ Perkins
Los Angeles, CA – 5’10” – 175lbs. – Flying Armbar
– TJ Perkins has to be considered the odds on favorite in any juniors tournament that he competes in. He blends high flying with technical ability better than almost anybody in the world and his opponents will be hard pressed to find a chink in his armor.

Kalamazo, MI – 6’0″ – 155lbs. – Finisher: “Cut Throat Silver Slice”
– Ridiculoso has an unorthodox style that makes him almost impossible to train and prepare for and thus may just shock everyone on his way to the cup.

Joey Ryan
Hollywood, CA – 5’10” – 210lbs. – Finisher: “The End Scene”
– Joey Ryan weighed in today at 210lbs and despite historically being a fan of Christmas treats has guaranteed by January 1st, he will be at 200lbs and eligible for the tournament. With recent success in PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles tournament, Ryan doesn’t want to miss another opportunity for tournament glory.

Scorpio Sky
Big Bear, CA – 5’10” – 193lbs. – Finisher: “TKO”
– Scorpio Sky had an incredible year in 2010 including battles with Shelton Benjamin and Adam Pearce and brings a stacked resume into the tournament and is looking to add the cup to it.

Los Angeles, CA – 5’6″ – 155lbs. – Finisher: “Shiranui”
– Sindarin is one of the last graduates of the AWS camp and will be making his M1W debut in the tournament and knows an opportunity to make a splash like this might be a once in a lifetime chance.

Ryan Taylor
Long Beach, CA – 6’0″ – 190lbs. – Finisher: “Tope Attomico”
– Ryan Taylor is a main player almost everywhere he goes and not only is the EWF champion but is a regular in PWG and has recent experience from Michinoku Pro in Japan.

Johnny Yuma
San Diego, CA – 5’7″ – 140lbs. – Finisher: “Sex Factor”
– Johnny Yuma is the other half of The RockNES Monsters and much like his partner, is also looking to showcase his singles ability and bring the cup to his tour bus.

NWA Pro/Mach-1 Wrestling’s “New Years Cup” comes to you live on Saturday, January 1st, 2011 from the American Sports Center at 1500 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805. Bell time 4:00PM, doors open at 3:30. Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for students w/ ID and $5 for children 12 and under.

*First round matches to be announced soon.

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