NWA Pro Wrestling Revolution

Pro Wrestling Revolution is pleased to announce our return the birthplace of the “Revolution”… Santa Maria! In the excitement of returning to a new venue, we are making come moves and having some Lucha Libre names coming in to make this a fantastic “Welcome Home” party. This show will have a little bit of everything in-stored.

Making his debut from Mexico City, he comes from a long line of wrestlers that all come from one family, he comes from CMLL, he is Felino! Coming along with him is, Hijo del Rayo de Jalisco Jr – Rayman, Hijo de Rey Misterio, Hurracan Ramirez Jr, Chubacabra. WOW! Add all that to the great roster already in hand, you have the makings of great night and we can’t wait!

Felino & El Chupacabra
Hijo de Rey Misterio & Hijo del Ray de Jalisco Jr – RAYMAN

Oliver John vs. Tito Aquino

Vaquero Fantasma vs. Hurracan Ramirez Jr.

“Border Patrol” Derek Sanders & Zach Reeb
“Latin Explosion” El Amante & Ulysses

Mr. Wrestling IV vs. Ryan Taylor

Rock of Love
The Cutler Brothers

Rik Luxury vs. Shinobi

“Strongman” Jon Andersen vs. “Polyester Express” Dave Dutra

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