NWA: Pro Wrestling Revolution returns to Sin City

NWA Pro Wrestling Revolution made the announcement that it will again, be partnering with the Cauliflower Alley Club to bring 3 days of history, tradition, and action to Las Vegas, at the Gold Coast Casino and Hotel. April 13th, 14th and 15th will mark the second appearance for the Revolution hosting the action for the annual event. Last years event was headlined by now Heavyweight Champion of PWR “Old School” Oliver John taking on NOAH’s Go Shioaski. PWR Promoter Gabe Ramirez has invited any talent interested in taking part in the show, spots are filling up fast, so please contact info@prowrestling-revolution.com.
No sophomore-slumps for Pro Wrestling Revolution. In 2009 PWR has already held its first event of the year in King County and will host a World Titles match later this month. Last year would have to qualify as a banner year for the rookie promotion. Based out of Northern California, Pro Wrestling Revolution seemingly did everything they could to establish the NWA in the region. Partnering with the local media outlets and even promoting a series of matches in Portugal. PWR had also helped supply talent for the Championship from Hollywood pilot and the NWA Showcase taping.

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