NWA Pro Wrestling Revolution on OWW Radio

Recently NWA Pro Wrestling Revolution promoter joined the Online World of Wrestling Radio Show. You can hear Gabe Ramirez on OWW Radio. Or to read the full recap.

Pro Wrestling Revolutions Owner Gabe Ramirez segment begins with Nick introducing Gabe. Some of the highlights of the interview include questions about how a Promoter handles top tier talents who refuse to job or put over others. Nick asked the question what does NWA do for an Independent Promotion and how does the talent pool work? Blue Demon Jr. was mentioned as well as other noticeable individuals such as NWA Heritage Champ Oliver Jon and Border Patrol, Hijo de Rey Mysterio, Polyester Express, Rock of Love and Strongman Jon Anderson. Steve Corino and his comments that he made during an interview on OWW Radio regarding Mr. Wrestling IV was countered by Gabe. In the interview with Corino he mentioned that he feels disrespected that Mr. Wrestling IV never came to him for the ok of the use of the name Mr. Wrestling IV. Gabe in returned expressed that this is an issue with the two parties and not him. He added that NWA has no problem with Mr. Wrestling IV so Corino shouldn’t either. Gabe also stated that he reached out to Steve Corino and Steve hadn’t replied. The interview ended with Gabe promoting his Arizona show coming up August 9th.

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