NWA Pro Wrestling Revolution in Santa Maria, September 12th, 2009

Credit: Pro Wrestling Revolution

Pro Wrestling Revolution heads to its home away from home in Santa Maria. We have had some of our better shows there and we always look forward to our shows there.

Many lucha libre names have come through this town via Pro Wrestling Revolution, the likes of Blue Demon Jr., Rey Misterio Sr., Hijo de Rey Misterio, Felino, Rayman, Hurracan Ramirez Jr., Octagocito, Mascara Sagrada, La Nazi, Pierriotito and many more! This show is during a special time in the Mexican culture, as this is the weekend that many celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day.

With that type of show in hand, what better time to bring in a Lucha Libre icon and also very well known to all wrestling fans around the world. He is no other than the La Parka! We are all enthusiastic to his arrival.

“Border Patrol” Oliver John vs. La Parka

Vaquero Fantasma & Dragon Del Infierno & Joey Ryan vs. Leon de Oro & Chimera & Hijo del Sicodelico

Rik Luxury & Alexander the Brute vs. Mr. Wrestling #4 & Captain Calico

Rock of Love & Melissa Coates vs. Polyester Express

2 more matches to come!

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