NWA Pro Wrestling Revolution in Mexico

“Revolution at “El Palenque de Tijuana”

NWA Heritage & Pro Wrestling Revolution Heavyweight Champion “El Patron” Oliver John from the Border Patrol made his debut at “El Palenque de Tijuana” with 2 Time NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce as they battled el Mystico de Juarez and the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr.

On hand for this special event was NWA [Pro Wrestling Promoter] David Marquez and Pro Wrestling Revolution’s owner, Gabriel Ramirez. They thanked Tijuana for having this match take place and looked forward to coming back. There are talks of making this a new home for the NWA and Pro Wrestling Revolution, only time will tell.

The end of the night had Blue Demon Jr. and Mystico de Juarez on top, but that was nothing short of a revolution breaking out. Oliver John and Adam Pearce with help from Vanderpyle, left their opponents laid out including unmasking Blue Demon Jr. and Tijuana did not take it lightly!

All images courtesy of Chema Castro III
Credit: Pro Wrestling Revolution

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