NWA Pro Wrestling Revolution: El Hijo De Rey Misterio to CMLL?

The CMLL and the NWA sanctioned Pro Wrestling Revolution relationship continues to flourish. Pro Wrestling Revolution has been known to bring many luchadors to the the fans of Northern California for the better part of two years. With names like Shocker, Mephisto, L.A. Park, Minis Mascarita Dorada and Pequeño Pierroth, and woman wrestler La Nazi and now with future dates with Lady Apache.

However the most interesting part about the relationship between CMLL and PWR is that the talent isn’t just coming one way. Already appearing for CMLL is the “Strongman” Jon Anderson. But the rumor being reported by Superluchas is that El Hijo de Rey Misterio is training in Mexico City for an appearance for CMLL. The son of Rey Misterio, cousin to WWE’s Rey Misterio Jr. has wrestled frequently for Pro Wrestling Revolution since its inception. He and his father were former Tag Team Champions in Pro Wrestling Revolution. Superluchas even indicates that perhaps El Hijo De Rey Misterio could be brought in as a challenger to Mistico. Nothing official has been announced, but if El Hijo De Rey Misterio does appear for CMLL, that would be two Pro Wrestling Revolution stars to appear for the company.

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