NWA Pro Wrestling Revolution announces a new championship!

Since the inception of Pro Wrestling Revolution, the fans of the Revolution have been treated to matches featuring some of the most spectacular luchadors from Mexico and the United States. Whether it be “Technico,” “Rudo,” Mini or Women wrestler PWR has brought some of the finest wrestlers in North America to compete for its championship titles. And coming off the heels of crowning a new Mini Champion, which was granted World Title Status by the NWA Front Office, Pro Wrestling Revolution will be introducing a Women Championship. Already the championship match up has been announced. With two international competitors known through out the world in Women Wrestling. The first announced name was Lady Apache, from CMLL. And recently announced by Pro Wrestling Revolution will be TNA’s own, Alissa Flash. Alissa has made several appearances for Chick Fight, a partner of Pro Wrestling Revolution, as Cheerleader Melissa. The new champion will be crowned in San Francisco on January 30 2010.

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