NWA Pro Wrestling Australia Re-Emerging Card Updates

Re-Emerging will be the biggest event for NWA Wrestling Pro Australia yet. Already announced his the NWA Australian Heavyweight Championship Match featuring Jayson Cooper and former champion “Jag” Hartley Jackson. And the Chair Match between Elliot Sexton and Jimmy Scarlet where the use of chairs as weapons are legal. But Alliance-Wrestling learned today that more matches have been announced via the NWA Pro Wrestling Australia Twitter

Re-Emerging Announcement
In an earlier update, it was mentioned that an NWA Pro wrestler with over 10 years of wrestling experience had an announcement to make at Re-Emerging regarding his future. We can now confirm that the wrestler in question is none other than fan favourite, Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills. In addition to this, NWA management has received a medical report, outlining the severity of Havok’s on-going back injury. This injury has been plaguing Havok for years, due to the number of times he has put his body on the line. Eleven years of going through flaming tables, falling off ladders, being slammed through thumb tacks in brutal matches during his career looks to have finally taken its toll. The report shows the critical damage done to Havok’s back, and outlines the issues that may arise for the veteran should he continue wrestling. Does this leaked report have anything to do with Havok’s announcement? Have we seen the last match of one of Australia’s most well known and respected wrestlers?

NEW Re-Emerging Match – Slex and Damian Slater VS The Grahams
Over the past year, the one-up game being played by Damian Slater and Slex has slowly turned into a serious problem between the two. What started as boastful claims by Slex, and rebuttals by Slater, has at times almost come to blows as each have tried, and failed to capture the NWA Australia National Wrestling Championship. Seeing the animosity rise between the two, Slex’s manager, Rohan, has requested a tag team match between The Grahams in the hope of bringing together two of Australia’s most gifted wrestlers. If egos can be put aside, the team of Slex and Slater could be one of the most dominant teams the NWA has seen. If it can’t, the hot tag team combination of the two brothers, Joey and Greg Graham, will certainly walk away with the win.

NEW Re-Emerging Match – Dick and Balls VS The Commandos Ryan ‘Bones’ Malone and his unlikely tag team partner, Masked Commando IV will have their work cut out for them on November 14. The Commandos are scheduled to go up against the sometimes comical, but always brutal tag team of ‘Dirty’ Dick Donovan and his tag partner, the one man demolition machine, ‘Wreckin’ Ball’ Wilson. Better known as Dick & Balls, ‘Wreckin Ball’ and Dick have dominated over some of Australia’s best tag team wrestlers, however always falling short of a victory. At Re-Emerging both teams are looking to make a statement, progressing their careers in NWA Pro. Can the oddball pairing of Bones and the Commando withstand the dastardly duo of Dick & Balls, or will Dick & Balls pull off a much needed victory?

Find out at NWA Pro’s RE-EMERGING.

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