NWA Pro Wrestling Australia is now ZERO1 Pro Wrestling Australia

NWA-Pro business alliance formally determined that the purpose of joint development of training of professional wrestler and wrestling market of the Pacific Rim is ZERO1 and Pro Wrestling “NWA-Pro Australia” in the current activities around the South Australia Australia is from April 1, was now to go to work as ZERO1-AustraliaOn April 1 in Australia: The decision also officially “ZERO1 International Fighting Spirit Challenge in AUS # 1” will be held in Adelaide. Players who have decided to name up to 26 currently. Name of a player who won the MVP in the name of this 26 to compete to ZERO1.


I’ll file this as not a big surprise to anyone. The relationship between ZERO1 and NWA Pro Wrestling Australia had become symbiotic when a lot of the homegrown NWA Pro Aus. talent started working more regularly for ZERO1.  Even after the relationship between ZERO1 and the National Wrestling Alliance ended, Hartley Jackson, Slex, Damien Slater, and more had begun to work in Japan with ZERO1. Obviously this is a great move for ZERO1 as a lot of talented individuals are based in Adelaide,Western Australia*.  Their last event under the NWA Pro Wrestling Australia banner will be March 31st.

:::Corrections and Retraction::: I erroneously reported that Adelaide was in the state of Western Australia.  My apologies, it is actually in Southern Australia.

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