NWA Pro South and CHIKARA Pro

Since its inception, Chikara Pro had maintained some relationship with the National Wrestling Alliance thru its Mid West family of promotions under Ed Chuman. Many of Chikara’s top talents had also worked for these Midwestern NWA promotions. When the majority of the mid west promotions were dismissed from the NWA, it was believed that any allegiances with Chikara would come to a close. But not so fast…

Apparently after months of overtures and secret negotiations, Chikara will be working with the National Wrestling Alliance once again, when Chikara Pro debuts in Piedmont, Alabama to the Pro South Arena on October 6th. Grant it, we’re five months away from this event, it should be exciting for the fans of NWA Pro South to see Chikara’s debut and some of their own home grown stars featured in this show.

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