NWA Pro: Mach One crowns a new champion!

In 2008 Mach One quickly became home to many SoCal regulars to hone their craft in the confinds of the Santa Ana High School Gym with sanctioning by the National Wrestling Alliance. In that time M1Wrestling showcased the prestigious NWA Heritage Championship, which saw the TJ Perkins being crowned as a new champion. Perkins defended this title through out Southern California. M1 decided that 2009 they would showcase a home-grown championship that could be worn around the wasit of a number of grapplers in the M1 family.
It was announced that a full-fledged Battle Royal will determine who the next champion will become. January 29th will see qualifying matches for the big rumble. The 1st round of qualifying matches are Devon Willis vs. Hurricane Marquez and Charles Mercury vs. Johnny Goodtime. Other matches for the show will pit long time rivals “Magnum” Joey Ryan vs. Aaron Aguilera, TJ Perkins vs. “Red Tornado” James Morgan, Drew Hellman vs. Tommy Wilson, “The Professional” Scott Loss vs. NWA Heritage Champion Ryan Taylor. Also in action will be Candice LaRae vs. Carla Jade.
The action takes place Janurary 31st at 2:00pm from the Santa Ana High School

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