NWA Pro: Australia Tour 07

This tournament is shapping up to look phenomal. Claudio Castagnoli made a nice run in the Worlds Tournament, it could be expected he could repeat this task in the Auzzie Tournament.
Romero v. Slater: Romero will purely outclass Slater. Romero has been a champion just about everywhere he’s wrestled. He will mop the floor with Slater.
Nichols v. Payne: Both men share 2 EPW Heavyweight Title reigns. Payne also won the EPW Invitation Tournament back in 2001. Nichols has more international experience, which is going to be needed considering the large international wrestlers in this tournament.
Storm v. Marshall: There may not be a better promo man in Australia than Bobby Marshall, but he will have his hands full with Davis Storm. Storm’s resume has championship reigns. This will be a night for Marshall to prove his worth.
Steele v. Castagnoli: I have seen a lot of Steele via youtube. I’ve seen a lot of Castagnoli. And this match just might be the sleeper in the first round. Steele has a never say die attitude. Castagnoli is a wrestling machine. This match is going to off the charts.
My Predictions: 2nd Round–Romero v. Nichols, Storm v. Castagnoli
Finals–Nichols v. Castagnoli
Winner– Nichols

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