NWA President Is Coming To NWA World Wide

National Wrestling Alliance President R. Bruce Tharpe notified the offices of NWA World Wide Wrestling on Tuesday morning that he will be in attendance at Clash For A Cure October 12, 2013 in Rocky Point, NC. In a statement sent on Tuesday to World Wide owner Johnny Lightning, Tharpe said the following:

“On such a momentus night for NWA World Wide Wrestling, I feel it is my responsibility as the President of the National Wrestling Alliance to be present at Clash For A Cure. Your announcement about the direction of  the promotion, the introduction of the World Wide Wrestling Tag Team Championship, and the NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Championship on the line, sets the stage for a historic night for the National Wrestling Alliance.”

Cueball Carmichael has made a very direct attempt to get my attention.  Carmichael should be careful what he wishes for as I am now closely watching every move. Members of ‘The Fold’ will be involved in each of the championship matches. With the history of  ‘The Fold’s’ actions over the last several months, toward your promotion and the National Wrestling Alliance as a whole, I am confident that my presence will curtail any thoughts of shenanigans that Cueball Carmichael may have conceived to put a black mark on what should be the biggest event to date for NWA World Wide Wrestling.”

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