NWA Premier and Heartland Wrestling Association announce Working Agreement

NWA PREMIER & HEARTLAND WRESTLING ASSOCIATION are pleased to announce a working agreement to help showcase some of the brightest and most innovative stars of today and tomorrow on future NWA PREMIER and HWA events!

“The landscape of NWA PREMIER will be affected immediately, as of the May 18th “Ascension” event, both NWA PREMIER and HEARTLAND WRESTLING ASSOCIATION will be featured prominently. ” NWA PREMIER matchmakers exclaimed. “When we sat out to fill our roster with the PREMIER athletes and performers in the NWA and professional wrestling, the petitions and booking offers flooded the office. The one resounding name that kept popping up in the emails, were that of HWA’s roster. After a few meetings, we reached out to the HWA office, and after a few conference calls, came to an agreement that will be profitable for both promotions, and most importantly, the FANS!”

Already impacted by the working agreement will be the newly vacated NWA PREMIER Zero To Sixty Championship. In a huge match-up, NWA PREMIER has signed Jake Crist vs. Dave Crist vs. Troy “Maverick” Marcum vs. Aaron McCormick in what will no doubt leave the fans on the edge of their seat.

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