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NWA Powerrr S10E3 | 09/13/2022 | Skyway Studios | Nashville, Tennessee

1. Match
Tag Team Match
The Pope & JR Kratos defeated KC Roxx & Question Mack w/ Aron Stevens
• Aron Stevens & Question Mack attacked Pope & JR Kratos after the match until another Question Mark came out and confronted Aron Stevens

Kyle Davis interviewed Bully Ray but Matt Cardona interrupted them. According to Cardona nobody wants Bully Ray here. After some words Matt Cardona challenged WWE Hall Of Famer to a Tag Team Match: Mike Knox & VSK vs. Bully Ray & a partner of his choice. Bully Ray accepted the challenge.

May Valentine interviewed Thom Latimer about ECIII. He wants to get back in the Worlds Championship picture. May asked him if he will be Bully Ray’s partner against the Cardona Family.

In the NWA Control Center Kyle Davis hypes up NWA Hard Times III & NWA Revolution Rumble | Powerrr Trip events.

2. Match
NWA National Champion Cyon w/ Austin Idol defeated Joe Alonzo

May Valentine was scheduled to interview Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat but Rolando Freeman came in and interrupted the segment. He should be interviewed – not the past. Because he defeated a former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion!

May Valentine interviewed Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Rolando Freeman interrupted the segment again and tried to get the help of Steamboat: to get him a NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match! Steamboat doesn’t know who he is…

3. Match
Queen Bee 6-Women Tag Team Match
Angelina Love, Natalia Markova w/ Taryn Terrell & Max The Impaler w/ Father Mitchell defeated NWA Womens Tag Team Champions Pretty Empowered & Roxxy

4. Match
Queen Bee 3-Way Match
Max The Impaler vs. Natalia Markova vs. Angelina Love ended in a No Contest
• Max The Impaler destroyed the Queen Bee Crown after the match

May Valentine interviewed Question Mark’s brother. He is Question Mark II.

May Valentine interviewed NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch. He is bringing back Ruthless Aggression. She asked him about Tyrus’ possible Lucky 7 Cash-In – which would Tyrus’ funeral according to Murdoch. And he interfered in Cardona vs. Freeman because he felt this was the right thing.

Main Event
NWA World Television Championship
Tyrus (c) w/ BLK Jeez defeated Mims
• Tyrus left the NWA World Television Championship in the ring – teasing that he’ll cash in his Lucky 7 Cash In for a NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match

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