NWA Powerrr Results: March 29th, 2023

Here are the results from March 29th’s edition of NWA Powerrr, taped on February 12th and 13th from the WEDU PBS Studios, Tampa, Florida.

Match 1: Kratos beat Jordan Clearwater and Magic Jake Dumas in a decent three-way exhibition match after the big man dropped Magic Jake with a sidewalk slam.

There was a great talking heads segment featuring Dak Draper, Mimms and Aron Stevens. Stevens is doing great as the angry, arrogant manager in charge of Blunt Force Trauma.

Danny Dealz brought Alex Taylor into his normal segment and told Taylor that he has a number one contendership match for the NWA Jr Heavyweight title. If loses, he gets his wish and the Ill-begotten will split. If he wins, the band stays together.

Match 2: Magnum Muscle beat Blunt Force Trauma by…DQ, I think? (it wasn’t clear). Aron Stevens, who was banned from ringside, tried to interfere, bringing out May Valentine to stop him. The ref threw the match and dragged May Valentine away before BFT got their hands on her. Somehow, this means Magnum Muscle will get their Champions Series match for the NWA World Tag Team titles.

Match 2: Joe Alonzo beat Alex Taylor in a good match to be the number one contender for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship at NWA 312. The end came when Danny Dealz slid a chair in to Taylor, who didn’t want to use it. The distraction allowed Alonzo to get the jump on Taylor and get the pin.

Gaagz the Gymp covered for May Valentine, who had been taken out of the building, and attempted to interview La Rosa Negra and La Rebelion…

Match 4: Blk Jeez & EC3 beat Tyrus & Eric Jackson in a good bout with some entertaining storytelling. Jeez & EC3 started the match saying that everything was good with Tyrus, and it was…until Jeez slapped Tyrus around the face halfway through the match! Then the mood changed. EC3 got the pin on Jackson before staring Tyrus out to end the show…

That’s all for this week’s NWA Powerrr. Thanks for reading!

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