NWA Powerrr Results: March 21st, 2023

Here are the results from March 21st’s edition of NWA Powerrr, taped on February 12th and 13th from the WEDU PBS Studios, Tampa, Florida.

Match 1: Thrillbilly Silas Mason (w/Pollo del Mar) defeated Brady Pierce in a very fun, quick opener when Silas caught Pierce off the turnbuckles and landed the Thrillride. Both Rolando and Rush Freeman tried to interfere and were caught with the Thrillride too.

Daisy Kill sang Trevor Murdoch a song (with ukelele accompaniment, no less) about how he’s going to make a name for himself by taking Murdoch out. Daisy issued a challenge to Trevor to get in the ring, and Trevor confirmed that Daisy had bought a ticket to getting his ass kicked! Good segment, Trevor was on good form and Daisy has potential on the mic.

Match 2: Trevor Murdoch and Daisy Kill wrestled to a no-contest. Early on, Talos (who has experience wrestling in UWN and EPW, and wrestled one match in Impact in 2022), a monster of a man, emerged and the beat down was on for Trevor Murdoch. Mike Knox made the save to a massive pop.

Kevin Kiley Jr told May Valentine that he got his opportunity in wrestling too early and left to experience the dark side of life. He joined the NWA to earn his spot from scratch and be himself. Was he a little rusty during that first match? Yes, but he was challenged by EC3, who played games. Kiley is the man who controls his narrative, not EC3. He can see that EC3 is manipulative, whereas Kiley is looking to wrestling to put him back on the path he was born to be on. Decent enough promo. I had wondered why the showed a clip of that errant dive from Nuff Said but then Kiley addressed it, which is better than pretending it didn’t happen.

Blk Jeez told May Valentine that EC3 and him are going to make things happen. EC3 denied there were any issues with Tyrus and claimed their history together makes him proud of Tyrus’ accomplishments – some of which Blk Jeez helped him achieve…the seeds are definitely being planted!

Match 3: This was a replay of the No DQ match between Kamille and Angelina Love at Nuff Said. This, of course, was one of the best matches on that show, and it still holds up on a second watch. Great stuff, with perhaps a moment that will become one of Kamille’s most iconic for this reign (the coast-to-coast moment).

Match 4: NWA Women’s TV Championship tournament semi-final – Max the Impaler beat Taya Valkyrie in a good brawl after Max nailed Taya with a short-arm clothesline. Max will now go on to face Kenzie Paige in the tournament final at NWA 312.

That’s all for this week’s NWA Powerrr. Thanks for reading!

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