NWA Powerrr Results: January 3rd 2023

Here are the results from January 3rd’s edition of NWA Powerrr, taped on December 5th at Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN. This is the last edition of the Champions Series episodes and will likely be the last episode we’ll see with the wrestlers being the audience for the time being.

Match 1: EC3, Thrillbilly Silas & Carnage (Team Tyrus) beat Colby Corino, Odinson & Joe Cazana (Team Rebelión) in a good match after Colby tapped out to an EC3 crossface.

Taya Valkyrie told May Valentine that she has known La Rosa Negra for 10 years but feels Negra has lost her edge. Valkyrie was just trying to remind Negra of this when she injured her.

Match 2: Taya Valkyrie (Team Rock and Roll) pinned Angelina Love (Team Great) in another good encounter after Valkyrie hit the Road to Valhalla. Team Great got a ‘grade 1’ disqualification earlier in the match when Love refused to release a crossface after Valkyrie made it to the ropes.

Aron Stevens celebrated his man Carnage still being in the Champions Series before proposing to May Valentine so as to get out of going to Brazil…

Match 3: Samantha Starr & Kayla Kassidy (Team Tyrus) defeated Max the Impaler & Ashley D’Amboise (Team Rebelión) in a solid encounter after Starr nailed D’Amboise with the Starstruck DDT. By virtue of this win, Team Tyrus progress to the Champions Series final.

Match 4: Missa Kate & Natalia Markova (Team Great) beat Madi & Jennacide (Team Rock and Roll) in a really good match after Markova made Madi submit. This victory put Team Great and Team Rock and Roll on equal points, necessitating a tie-breaker.

Match 5: Ricky & Kerry Morton (Team Rock and Roll – who else?) defeated Cyon & Sal Rinauro (Team Great) in a decent main event when Kerry dropped Sal with the knee strike. By virtue of their victory, Team Rock and Roll goes onto the Champions Series final to face Team Tyrus.

That’s all for this week’s NWA Powerrr. Thanks for reading!

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