NWA Powerrr Results: February 28th 2023

Here are the results from February 28th’s edition of NWA Powerrr, taped on February 12th and 13th from the WEDU PBS Studios, Tampa, Florida.

La Rosa Negra cut an energised promo at the podium with Kyle Davis where she revealed she will cash in her Champions Series title opportunity to face Kamille for The Burke. Kamille came out and revealed that she looked up to Rosa when Kamille was starting out in Florida, but Rosa is coming for the title so that she means she becomes an enemy at the PPV, “and I have no mercy on my enemies”. Great segment, and that match is going to bang at NWA 312.

Match 1: Psycho Fodder (w/Angelina Love) beat VHS (the person, not the tape) in a decent squash after Fodder hit a modified Rock Bottom for the pin.

May Valentine asked Jordan Clearwater and EC3 about the partnership between CYN and Church is Money. Clearwater said he didn’t know what CYN is, but he is The Golden Boy and he’s going to be just fine. EC3 said the NWA was the rock that he is going to build his church on. Jordan: “I like rocks!”. Made me laugh more than it should have.

Match 2: NWA Women’s TV Championship Tournament match: Kenzie Paige beat Kilynn King in a great match after she nailed King with a turnbuckle-assisted cutter.

Aron Stevens and May Valentine went to see “Dr Michael Busey”, a couples therapist who spent much of his time drinking and eating sweets and pizza while Stevens and May squabbled and, in Stevens’ case, fell asleep. Your mileage will vary on this one, but it was a long segment…

Earlier in the day in the empty arena, Chris Adonis revealed to Joe Galli that he is cashing in his Champions Series title shot to challenge Tyrus for the Ten Pounds of Gold at NWA 312. That’s a good choice for Tyrus: Adonis is a good worker and they should be able to gave a decent power match.

Match 3: Bully Ray vs. Mike Knox was declared a no-contest from the start as Knox attacked Bully Ray with a chain before the bell. Bully looked to put Know through a table when Matt Cardona arrived and attacked Bully. Cardona demanded Knox put Bully Ray through the table but he pushed Mike too far – Knox responded by choke slamming Cardona through the table instead! Bully looked on, shocked…

That’s all for this week’s NWA Powerrr. Thanks for reading!

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