NWA Powerrr Results: December 6th 2022

Here are the results from December 6th’s edition of NWA Powerrr (airing December 9th on YouTube), taped on December 5th at Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN. There was no audience, rather, the wrestlers made up the audience, which made for a fun, noisy atmosphere.

Kyle Davis introduced the Championship Series and explained the rules (I’ll take a look at these in a separate article).

Match 1: Championship Series Bout – Odison and Bully Ray fought to a 10-minute time-limit draw in a good power-based match.

Tyrus told May Valentine that he is the most-seen NWA World Champion of all time. He didn’t get to pick his team for the Championship Series, but “the NWA played it out, and we’re gonna lay them out!” They’re coming for all the gold.

Match 2: Championship Series Bout – Thom Latimer beat EC3 by a grade one DQ in a quick bout after EC3 refused to break at the referee’s count when going for Latimer’s eyes. Latimer battered EC3 after the match until EC3 went to the eyes again and impaired Latimer’s vision. EC3 then proceeded to pound Latimer and mocked him until Latimer managed to grab a crossface. Latimer then earned a grade three DQ for not breaking on the crossface, giving Team Tyrus some points as well. Great heat but the two DQ situation was a little confusing, as I thought the match was over after the first DQ.

Match 3: Alternates 4-Way Elimination Match for the Championship Series – Rolando Freeman beat Anthony Andrews, Sal Rinauro, and Jerimiah Plunkett in an entertaining encounter. Freeman last eliminated Plunkett with a big boot and won the first opportunity to pick a team to be the alternate for.

The Fixers seemed very excited about the Championship Series, much to May Valentine’s amusement, and they are going to win because…FIXERS RUUUUULLLLEEEE! Or something to that effect.

Match 4: Championship Series (tag team option) – Judais and PJ Hawx beat Damage and Rush Freeman in a fun match when Judais nailed Freeman with a chokeslam. There was dissension within both teams during this one.

Cyon told May Valentine that Austin Idol is on a very specific mission for the Championship Series and it’s none of our business where he is right now.

Kamille told May Valentine that she has confidence in her team to win the Series and to do it the right way i.e. by not cheating. She is sick of EC3’s riddles and mind games and the ‘fetish’ that he has for her husband, Thom Latimer.

Main Event: Championship Series – Thrillbilly Silas Mason beat Kratos in a big upset, ending a very good big-man match by catching Kratos with the Thrill Ride for the pin.

That’s all for this week’s NWA Powerrr. Thanks for reading!

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