NWA Powerrr Results: December 13th 2022

Here are the results from December 13th’s edition of NWA Powerrr (airing December 16th on YouTube), taped on December 5th at Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN. Again, the same as last week, there was no audience, rather, the wrestlers acted as spectators.

We start with some taking head segments from both Team Rock and Roll and Team Pretty. Mimms is a sharp speaker and should get more promo time. Rhett Titus is happy to be wearing the pink of Team Pretty as long as he ends up with the colour he wants – gold. Trevor Murdoch is just going to hurt people and make them remember his name.

Match 1: Champions Series – Trevor Murdoch & Rhett Titus (Team Pretty) beat Mimms and Dak Draper (Team Rock and Roll) in a really good match after Murdoch nailed Mimms with the top rope bulldog.

Match 2: Champions Series – Chris Adonis (Team Gold) beat Jax Dane (Team Rebelión) by DQ in a good power match when Dane hit a low blow to get out of the Masterlock.

Some more talking head segments from Team Pretty. Ella Envy isn’t sure why Kenzie Page is the team captain and not her as Ella is a champion too.

Match 3: Champions Series – Alex Taylor (Team Rock and Roll) defeated Luke Hawx (Team Pretty) in a good bout after Taylor drilled Hawx with the Cradle Shot.

Chris Silvio told May Valentine that it didn’t matter if Jax Dane got disqualified – the full nelson is an ‘illegal’ move, the tournament is all about Dane anyway, and this tournament is going to prove that Jax Dane is the “winningest champion in NWA history”.

Some more talking head segments, this time from Team Gold and Team Rebelión. A lot of scorn from Team Rebelión for Jordan Clearwater – the only Golden Boy La Rebelión know is Oscar De La Hoya! Clearwater did make the canny point though that he was an alternate in last year’s series – this year, he’s a captain…

Match 4: Champions Series – Colby Corino (Team Rebelión) was victorious over AJ Cazana (Team Gold) in a really good, hard-hitting main event when Corino made Cazana pass out in the cross-face chicken wing.

That’s all for this week’s NWA Powerrr. Thanks for reading!

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