A Preview for NWA POWERRR that air at 6:05 Eastern on FITE TV as part of the NWA Subscription Package.

On this week’s edition of Powerrr, the Mystery Man makes his debut! Crimson & Slice Boogie meet in a special grudge match Former NWA Women’s World Champions Thunder Rosa & Serena Deeb meet face to face. And in our main event, Strictly Business members Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer face off against Parrow in a three-way qualifying match for the NWA National Title.

*lineup subject to change

FITE TV Preview

Tyrus vs. Jordan Clearwater and Jeez

Episode 30 introduced the NWA to Jeez. He interrupted Tyrus and Idol at the podium. Soliciting a business meeting between the three. Last week, Jordan Clearwater was sent to inquire about a business proposition, that Tyrus didn’t take kindly to. Jeez has wrestled under many different names over the years and has worked in many different promotions. He has teamed with Eddie Kingston in the past. Jeez was a staple for Combat Zone Wrestling. He’s a multi-time CZW Jr. Champion and CZW Tag Team Champion even held their Heavyweight Championship. It is unclear why Clearwater has associated with Jeez. Furthermore, it is unclear why this has become a handicap match instead of a meeting.

Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb share words

Champion, no more, Serena Deeb returns to the GPB Studios. However joined at the podium with Kyle Davis will be the woman Deeb defeated for the Burke, Thunder Rosa. Discussed while still champion, Rosa reached out to Deeb on Social Media, about forming a tag team.

Boogie vs. Crimson

Early in his career, Crimson was a solid NWA competitor. He was a force, having held both the NWA Mid-American TV title and later NWA Southern Heavyweight title. Despite his success as a singles, Crimson and Jax Dane became a regular tag team in 2017. First teaming together in Impact as the Veterans of War and later War Kings. The duo have competed on a high level, two times OVW Southern Tag Team Champions. They have teamed together in Impact, Tried N True, SWE Fury, as well as the NWA. Poised to win the NWA World Tag Team Championships, Crimson was attacked by a masked man, who many think to be Slice Boogie.

Boogie has been the proverbial thorn in the side of both members of War Kings. Boogie snatched the victory at Back for the Attack in the Fatal Four Way with Jordan Clearwater and the War Kings. Teaming with Mims they defeated Crimson and Jax. Boogie even won a Falls Count Anywhere Match against Dane, when Crimson became injured.

Mims vs. The Mask

Only William Patrick Corgan knows the true identity of the masked man who joined the NWA in Season 5. May Valentine was unable to get answers of his origins. We know that Slice Boogie isn’t a fan. There isn’t much more public information about the masked man, more so than that. He will be in action Tuesday against Mims.

The last time Mims was in the ring, he was receiving a master’s class by the Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis. Mims has made some noise for the NWA since the return. He has victories over Jeremiah Plunkett, and a tag team win win Boogie over the War Kings. Although his success has been limited Mims has grown a lot as a competitor since the start of POWERRR.

National Title Qualifier Match

Last week, Parrow joined Chris Adonis and Thomas Latimer at the podium. The trio will square off in a three-way match to determine who will face JTG to fill the vacant National title. Clearly, the odds are in favor of Strictly Business advancing.

Parrow competed at the NWA 70th Anniversary event in Nashville. He was part of a collective that crowned a new National Champion. In his bracket, he faced off against Ricky Starks, Jay Bradley, and Willie Mack. Starks eliminated Parrow, but it was Mack who would win the title. Parrow defeated Jordan Clearwater on Episode 22 of NWA POWERRR. But since then has been unable to gain any kind of momentum. Parrow lost to Strictly Business when teaming with Odinson. They also lost to War Kings and had a no-contest with La Rebellion.

Chris Adonis abdicated the title on Episode 29 of POWERRR to join the 14 Man Battle Royal. To make matters worse, Adonis accidentally eliminated Latimer, before being eliminated by Murdoch. Adonis and Latimer have wrestled in more tag team matches as of late than singles. But in this matchup, it’s a single fall. If Adonis pins Latimer or vice versa, the match is over.

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