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On this week’s edition of NWA Powerrr, Trevor Murdoch vents his frustrations regarding the controversial finish to his NWA World Title match at When Our Shadows Fall, Melina takes on Jennacide and Kenzie Paige in a three-way, Fred Rosser, JTG, and El Rudo face off in a three-way in an NWA National Title Qualifying Match, and much, much more!

*lineup subject to change

FITE TV Preview

Second Generation Makes NWA Debut

April 24th, 2001, Steve Corino defeated Mike Rapada for the Ten Pounds of Gold. Colby Corino was four years old. Once touted as the youngest wrestler to win an NWA Sanctioned Match, Colby Corino is a young veteran. The 24-year-old hasn’t always followed the same path trailblazed by his father but has been in similar trenches. Colby wrestled his first match with his father at the age of five. By age 15 he already challenged for the NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship and had 22 matches. He has wrestled matches now in the three different eras of the NWA. In September of 2019, Corino joined the Ugly Duckings teaming with Rob Killjoy and Lance Lude. He made his debut for Billy’s NWA with Circle Square. He defeated George South back in December 2019. Although Corino had faced his demons early in life, it seems the young man is ready to make his legacy in the NWA. It doesn’t appear that Colby will be wrestling, just interrupting a segment at the podium.

Exhibition Steves vs. Hawx

One half of the NWA Tag Champions, Aron Stevens is being advertised in a match against PJ Hawx. However, from different information disseminated, it looks like Hawx will actually wrestle “Everyone’s Pal.” Sal Rinauro’s troubles with JR Kratos seem to have come to conclusion following their last encounter. Maybe Aron Stevens has given Sal this opportunity to earn a tag team title shot? Sal has had some limited success teaming with former Worlds Champion Tim Storm. But has struggled to make his way in the NWA as a singles competitor. It seems that Rinauro has sought out the guidance of Danny Deals.

PJ Hawx is a second-generation wrestling hybrid. He has found a way to blend the collegiate style of wrestling with elements of high flying. This has made PJ very dangerous and could very much lead to bigger and better for the young man.

Who is the Masked Man?

The Masked Man who interrupted last weeks promotional spot with May and Kyle Davis gave the fans no clues to who he is. Wrestling Detectives from around the world have come up with a few theories on the identity of the masked man. With so little information about the masked man, his identity, his mission, we can only believe that the ruse will continue. With no real confirmation, if there will ever be confirmation of this man’s true identity.

Triple Threat Ladies Match – Melina vs. Jennacide vs. Kenzi Paige

Kenzie Paige is a 20 year old up and comer. The Tennessee native started off working for to local indies, including Innovative Pro. Kenzie received her training from Ricky Morton, Tom Pritchard, and Kane. She spent most of last year working for New South Action, Game Changer Wrestling, IWA-Mid South and has made a handful appearances for AEW.

Her opponents recently had a run in with each other on Episode 30 of NWA POWERRR. During Kamille’s ceremony, Melina interrupted. Looking ready to fight Melina, Jennacide interfered. The only woman on the roster to match size with Kamille prevented the attack. Almost as if she was looking for favor from the new World Women’s Champion. Obviously there is a new pecking order in the Women’s Division and when the first ever NWA All-Women’s PPV looming on the horizon, everyone is looking to make an impact.

Trevor Murdoch Speaks

With a PPV looming on the horizon in the hometown of Harley Race, it would be insanity for the NWA to deny Trevor Murdoch a rematch at the Ten Pounds of Gold. To his credit, Nick Aldis found a way to leave the PPV with title intact. Murdoch has something he wants to say, I’m

NWA National Qualifier Match – Rosser vs Rudo vs. JTG

Last week Tim Storm leaked the news during the Strictly Business segment that there would be a tournament to crown a new National Champion. The National Championship was abdicated. Chris Adonis forfeited the title to be included in the battle royal to determine a number one contender. To crown the new champion, the qualifiers will start off with triple threat matches. This week will be the first.

El Rudo’s introduction to the NWA was as the partner of Sal Rinauro at the last pay per view. His time in the ring was limited because it was a four-way match. El Rudo challenged Nick Aldis for the Ten Pounds of Gold on May 11th, 2018. Before then Rudo had worked for the NWA in his early career for PWX. After his time in WWE Development, he would spend most of 2014-2016 competing globally. The World Traveled Wrestler has spent a lot of time working for All Japan, UK Indies, and CMLL too.

His opponents squared off in a one-on-one match at When Our Shadows Fall. Fred Rosser had been a fresh air for the National Wrestling Alliance. He brought a big-time feel to every match he was in. His match against the Pope for the TV title was one of Pope’s best matches. Seemingly he signed an exclusive deal with NJPW of America yesterday, so this is likely his final match for the NWA.
has maintained a small schedule working independents. Since his departure from the WWE, he’s mostly worked Game Changer Wrestling and Bar Wrestling. Coming off his successful debut for the NWA, one can only imagine that JTG has his eyes set on rising through the NWA ranks.

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