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A Preview for NWA POWERRR that air at 6:05 Eastern on FITE TV as part of the NWA Subscription Package.

On this special season premiere of NWA Powerrr, Strictly Business celebrates their newest champion, La Rebelión make their Powerrr debut, Pope puts his NWA World Television Title on the line against Luke Hawx, and much more!

*lineup subject to change

FITE TV Preview

Strictly Business Celebrates Kamille

Jazz, Alllysin Kay, Thunder Rosa, Serena Deeb have paved the road for Kamille. The newly minted World Women’s Champion remains undefeated in the National Wrestling Alliance. Now in possession of the Burke, Kamille receives all the glory!

And although it was through less than scrupulous means, Nick Aldis still sits atop the NWA mountain. However, Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer were unable to secure the bag against Kratos and Stevens. So what will come of this Strictly Business Celebration?

POWERRR Debut of Mexico’s La Rebelión

La Rebelión is more commonly known in Mexico as La Rebelión Amarilla. The group includes Mecha Wolf, Bestia 666, but also includes Impact’s Black Taurus, Rey Horus, Black Danger, Ultimo Ninja, Garza Jr., and Luke Hawk. The group was founded in 2017.The group has gained a not of notoriety competing for The Crash. The pairing of Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666 have wrestled all over the World. They wrestled in the UK, Ireland, Texas, Georgia, Washington, New Orleans, California, and Mexico.

Bestia 666 is the son of Luchador Damian 666 who was an integral part of the WCW Cruiserweight Division. He also helped to grow AAA in the early 90s. Mecha Wolf is a former WWC Universal Champion as well as a WWL World Heavyweight Champion. Those are the two biggest titles in Puerto Rico.

TV Championship Bout: Luke Hawx vs Da Pope

Known as the Sothern Stomper, Luke Hawk rejoined the NWA in a tag team with his son PJ. As Hawx Aerie the pair secured the Circle Squared opportunity to join POWERRR. They made their surprise for POWERRR SURGE Episode 3. But Luke’s history with the NWA is well documented. Competing for different generations of the NWA. In his early years Luke would compete for NWA Wildside and later NWA Anarchy. Still very much a young man, he competed against Sal Rinuaro for the Wildside Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

His foray into Extreme style wrestling netted him the XPW King of the Death Match title. He landed on MTV’s short-lived wrestling program Wrestling Society X. Later he would start to work with NWA Promoters in the Tharpe Era including Branded Outlaw, Houston, Ring Warriors, Texas Stampede. He’s also worked dates with Impact, WWE, and Ring of Honor. Luke is all about maximizing opportunity and after the match, Da Pope has with Tyrus, tonight could be his night.

What more can be said about Elijah Burke, Da Pope. He has shown absolutely zero fear in the ring. He’s had some great victories as Television Champion. His goal is to get his match with Nick Aldis and the Ten Pounds of Gold. But to get there, he has to get through here. This means seven title defense, where he has to remain victorious. Sunday’s loss to Tyrus didn’t impact Da Pope’s quest to his mountain top, but he has to get through Hawx to get there.

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