We would like to sincerely thank the 1,149 fans who paid to support the NWA in Clarksville at our first ever #NWAPopUp event.

From the launch of #TenPoundsOfGold inside the classroom of Tim Storm, to #TheAldisCrusade across four continents, to going #-#ALLIN, to the anniversary celebration of #NWA70… its been a #BrickByBrickjourney for all of us.

We would not be here without all the fans believing in this project and giving their attention to the National Wrestling Alliance.

2019 will continue this same path. More #NWAPopUp events, the #CrockettCup in partnership with Ring of Honor and oh so much more to come.

William Patrick Corgan
David Lagana
Nick Aldis
Ring of Honor Wrestling
Tried -N- True Pro

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