NWA Pacific Northwest Championship Vacated

Today marks 365 as NWA Pacific Northwest Champion.  I would like to say what an honor and a privilege it was to be the champion.  Thank you to; Bruce Tharpe NWA President, James Beard Director of Wrestling Operations, Patty Dietz NWA Blue Collar Wrestling for allowing the honor and privilege of carrying on this history and the prestige of being the Pacific Northwest Champion.  As of today, the 365th day, I am hereby vacating the Pacific Northwest Championship and next week at NWA Blue Collar Wrestling the title will be determined in an eight man tournament


Badd Blood

Siting the need to focus on the defenses scheduled as NWA Continental Champion, Badd Blood has officially vacated the NWA Pacific Northwest Champion ending his year long reign.  While champion, the Pacific Northwest title was defended as much outside of Portland as inside Portland, with defenses in Indiana, Texas, and California.  One could have predicted that the toll of being a dual champion and fulfilling obligations as the Pacific Northwest Championship and the Continental Championship would catch up to Badd Blood sooner than later.  As NWA PNW Champion held the title longer than anyone in the modern NWA and even bested the former longest reigning champion The Grappler.  Next weekend at NWA Blue Collar, the opportunity of a life time will be awarded to the the man who can walk out the winner of three matches in a row.

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