NWA On Fire’s Webster’s Weekly: Week of February 7th, 2010


Fresh off a tremendous NWA On Fire weekend in the great state of Maine and we’re ready to blast into Connecticut with two hot shows. Saturday the 13th, it’s the fun and adventure of Nomad’s Adventure Quest. 7 huge matches and you’ll have the best seat in the house when you head to South Windsor. Then, a Sunday afternoon matinee in Southington, Connecticut as we slam into the Cadillac Ranch. Southington brings back so many great memories of the late Boston Bad Boy Tony Rumble. Tony was my travel partner and we took many memorable road trips to Southington during the heyday of the ICW. No one could tell a good wrestling story like the BBB.
Sad to hear about the passing of a true wrestling icon. Jack Briscoe passed away earlier this week. Jack, an outstanding NWA Champion, tag team champion, and hall of famer deserved every accolade that was presented to him. A true class act.
One can just imagine how angry Apollo must be now that he has lost the North American championship.
If you live in, near, or around Massachusetts and you’re looking for a unique alternative to the usual social fare that’s out there, why not check out the Bell Time Club? It’s brand new, and the concept is a simple, yet exciting one. Fans, members of the wrestling fraternity, and those just interested in wrestling are all gathering under one roof to talk wrestling, train, enjoy live wrestling events, and be part of the greatest entertainment vehicle ever, professional wrestling. Visit belltimeclub.com for more information on this great new club starting up in Everett, Massachusetts.
For those of you wondering about the comings and goings of Mr. Backlund, the former 2-time World Heavyweight Champion was back in the NWA On Fire offices this week. This time around, we were all bombarded with questions about the amount of energy we, as Backlund put it, “are wasting with our computers, lap tops, and electronic devices destroying the ozone layer”. Of course, Tommy Savoldi had all the wrong answers and was forced to recite the alphabet backwards. Hey, it beat suffering through the pain of Backlund’s still-devastating Chicken Wing Submission.
Is there any truth to the rumor that the Women’s Division will finally be crowing it’s first ever NWA On Fire Ladies Champion?
Have a great week.

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