NWA On Fire’s Webster Weekly for March 7th, 2010

I’ve read JC’s “Cheap Seats” column a couple times over the last week. It definitely gave me food for thought about the current state of the championship scene and what the future may hold. I have to agree that an added title should not necessarily be one that is relegated to the mid-card. There was a time in wrestling when every championship meant something. And, if NWA On Fire is going to stand out from the crowd, then we must do something that hasn’t been done, or at the very least is a great idea that hasn’t been done in a while.
A couple weeks ago I wrote about the sudden change in attitude of the former 3-time World Junior Heavyweight Champion, the BBB Jason Rumble. This week I caught up with Josef von Schmidt for his comments on the recent chat he had with Rumble. All von Schmidt would say, is “Halten Sie sich für mein Unternehmen dick Badewanne Schmalz”. Somehow I don’t think he was wishing me a happy birthday.
Juicy Justin Corino, looking great since his return to NWA On Fire last summer has begun to take a look at some potential partners to go after the tag team championship. In my view, Corino should stick with singles competition and keep his eye on the prize, the heavyweight championship. After all, Justin’s return to NWA On Fire had more to do with his disdain for Bobby Robinson than his quest for tag team gold.
Rumor has it some very familiar faces may soon be returning to action.
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Maine’s own Bob Conn, one of the great sports journalists has become a fixture at many of our live events. He’s even served as our ring announcer on some occasions. Bob is one true NWA On Fire superfan.

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