NWA On Fire’s Latin Hit Squad Explode

Credit: NWA On Fire

The Samoan Warriors regained the NWA On Fire Tag Team Championships from the very same team they lost the belts to earlier this year. What was a very strong battle between both champions and challengers!

Later in the match dissension between then champions, Nicho and Chico. Something was very odd between the Latin Hit Squad. After the Samoans won the belts, Nicho had attacked his best friend and tag team partner. Seems like the most powerful tag team in NWA On Fire history is no more.

The word going around the locker room is that Nicho has been seen hanging around parties and clubs with the Heavyweight Champion, “Golden Boy” Bobby Robinson. Could this have been a set up all along? Was money and new friendships more important then a life long bond and gold?

We will keep you informed as more information becomes available! 2010 Shall definitely be an interesting year for the former Latin Hit Squad members.

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