NWA On Fire TV Report for January 8th

The genesis of NWA On Fire, starts with David Marquez and Ricky Otazu with the name Liberty States Wrestling. A few years later with a a handful of name changes (NWA Pro East, NWA Liberty States, and finally NWA On Fire), with the addition of the World Famed Savoldi Family to the mix, and a relocation from New Jersey to Maine, The NWA On Fire has firmly established itself as one the premiere wrestling groups in the North East. A roster packed with talents like former North American Champion “El Leon” Apolo (from IWA Puerto Rico and TNA Wrestling), On Fire Heavyweight Champion Bobby Robinson, On Fire Tag Team Champions The Dream Team, The Latin Hit Squad, The Great Malaki and seemingly growing every week. I have followed NWA On Fire, from afar, but this was my first time tuning into NWA On Fire in nearly two years and I was pleasantly surprised.  You can tune into NWA On Fire via iTunes, BlipTV, and YouTube.  I hope you’ll tune into the next episode that will be up on Saturday. 
Entering the NWA On Fire studio is a man with quite the jacket.  The announcers have no clue who he is, so I’ll just assume he’s a new talent.  In the ring for a mere second and he’s already insulting the ringside crowd.  This crowd resembles the cast of the Hills have Eyes, I haven’t seen so many malformations in one place in my life.  “I want you to prey to me, to worship me, because I am the Rock God Brett Adams!”  The announcers start talking over him… not good.  Adam announces “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke, who I can only assume is also a new wrestler for the On-Fire group.  Locke has a good look, I heard ramblings that this duo use to play a pivitol role in the recently closed NECW, glad to see they got picked up.  Webster and Savoldi discuss how things have been getting weird around On Fire.  The Conman announces Pat Matthews, a relative new comer.    The announcers put over Matthews as giving 1000%.  Matthews is quick to rally the crowd with a collar elbow tie up that sees Locke force Matthews into the corner.  Locke shoves Matthews into the corner and Matthews retaliates with a shove of his own.  Tommy Savoldi wants to remind you that he would keep an eye out on that manager, boy.  Another collar elbow tie up that sees Matthews again force into the corner, and Locke slaps the taste out of Matthews mouth.  Matthews retaliates with a slap of his own.  Savoldi loves it.  “Alright alright alright!”  
Back from commercial and Matthews and Locke are still circling each other.  Another collar elbow tie up into a head lock, looks like trouble for Matthews.  Matthews fights out, sends Locke to the ropes and is knocked to the floor by a Locke forearm.  Locke criss-crosses the ropes, big leap frog by Matthews and follows it up with a deep arm drag.  Matthews then connects with a head and arm side-headlock take down.  Locke builds his base and powers Matthews into the corner.  Locke connects with a big knee to the mid-section and a forearm to the back.  You can tell Locke’s intensity has gone up, as he slams Matthews face first into the turnbuckle.  Locke pauses to jaw-jock with the crowd.  Locke delivers another kick into the gut of Matthews and a right fist sends Matthews back to the mat.  Locke paces himself, awaiting Matthews getting back to his feet.  Locke signals that he is going to knock this one out of the park.  Another closed fist and now Locke is strutting.  Back in the corner, Locke is all over Matthews, reverse knife edge that deflates the youngster.  Irish whip sends Matthews into the corner, Locke charges in, Matthews ducks and “The Real Deal” is introduced to the ring pole.  Small packaged attempt by Matthews gets a two count.  Matthews scaling the top rope and connects with a high cross-body that is still, only good for a two count.  Locke kicks out with some power and gets to his feet first, sending Matthews crashing back down to the mat with a vicious clothesline.  Locke is favoring his left arm, perhaps injured by hitting the ring pole.  Locke takes his time stalking Matthews, Locke drags up Pat Matthews to his feet, sends him to the ropes and connects with an elbow, gets a two count and pulls up Matthews.  Matthew again dragged to his feet starts laying in some shots to the mid-section of Locke, now closes fist to the face of the “Real Deal,”  whips Locke into the ropes, reversed by Locke, Matthews to the ropes and he eats an elbow.  Matthews again is on the ground, struggling to make his way to his feet.  A big bodyslam by Locke onto Matthews, the announcers describe it as a sloppy cover, that is good for a two.  Brandon Locke putting a chin lock on Matthews, Tommy thinks it’s a choke.  Somehow, Matthews manages to get to his feet and connects with a Stunner on Locke.  Pat Matthews clothesline, followed up with a dropkick and the youngster is gaining momentum.  Matthews sends Locke to the ropes, reversed, Locke going for a spine buster, its reversed into a DDT.  Looks like the kid might get an upset victory, but it is only good for a two count.  Matthews in the corner, tuning up the band, looking for a super kick.  Locke catches the leg and throws it down, Matthews connects with an enziguri, that’s only good for two, inches away from a three count.  Matthews looks to send Locke to the ropes again and again, its countered.  Locke slams Matthews down with an Bob Holly-like powerbomb and this one is over.  The winner is Brandon Locke and his manager Brett Adams joins the celebration in the ring.
We’re back from commercial and we’re getting a Young Lions Match, Scotty Slade taking on Nick Fahrenheit.  Joining the announcing group and really making it better is Former WWE Superstar Tony Atlas.  Atlas is there to promote his book, but does a great job of putting over NWA On Fire.  I wish he was a regular.  You can pick up the Tony Atlas Book, by clicking here.  These two in the ring are very fast paced.  Match starts off with a hand shake, before they start to circle each other on the mat.  Crowd seems to be behind Fahrenheit.  Collar elbow tie up leads to Fahrenheit getting a side headlock on Slade.  Slade is quick to escape with shots to Fahrenheit’s ribs.  Slade sends him to the ropes and Fahrenheit catches Slade with a shoulder than sends Slade to the mat.  Fahrenheit hits the ropes, leaps over Slade, Slade to his feet, leaps over the criss-crossing Fahrenheit and a deep arm drag wait!  Reversed by Fahrenheit, gets to his feet, misses a clothesline, Slade does connect with his deep arm drag and Fahrenheit gets up and connects with his own arm drag, both men up, a double dropkick, and we’re back to square one.  Tony just mentioned how he used to fly around the ring like that, Tommy chimes in “Oh yeah, I called many of those matches!”  Crowd enjoyed that exchange.  Back to the collar elbow tie up this time it is Slade coming out on top with an arm ringer on Fahrenheit.  Fahrenheit breaks free, bounces off the ropes and Slade catches him with another arm drag and back on to the arm.  Tony does a great job putting over his book and On Fire.  He reminds me of Dusty Rhodes and for just a minute I start thinking how much fun Tony would be calling matches all the time.  Tony puts over his protege Bobby Robinson, the On Fire Champion.  Slade is still working on the arm, driving a knee into the shoulder of Fahrenheit.  Fahrenheit attempts a forward role to break the hold, but Slade follows him.  Fahrenheit sends Slade to the ropes, Slade ducks the clothesline, but Fahrenheit connects with the leg lariat.  Nick Fahrenheit only gets a one count and is quick to get a sleeper hold.  Slade manages to build to his base, breaks free, to the ropes, reversal by Fahrenheit who ducks, Slade to the other side  and a Slade gets a kick to the gut, with a head and arm take down by Fahrenheit.  Slade rolls Fahrenheit for a two count, Fahrenheit hangs on.  Slade back to his feet, side suplex, Fahrenheit lands on his feet and back to the headlock take down.  Again, Slade rolls Fahrenheit over for a pin attempt, but Fahrenheit gets back to his base never letting go of the headlock.  Both men to their feet, Slade attempts to drive Fahrenheit into the corner, blocked twice before Fahrenheit goes with it and flips Slade back to the mat with the headlock.  Slade works his way to his feet, lifts him into the air and manages to slam Fahrenheit down with a face buster.  Slade then takes down Fahrenheit with a series of clothesline back to that side headlock, with a bulldog by Slade.  Slade goes for a second bulldog, Fahrenheit breaks free, bounces off the rope and his a flying elbow.  Fahrenheit follows it up with a dropkick, a monkey flip from the corner, and connects with a tornado DDT that Slade can kick out.  Scotty Slade manages to connect with a death drop, by floating over a bodyslam attempt by Fahrenheit.  Slade and Fahrenheit shake hands at the end of it. 
Next up is a match from the vault of International World Class Championship Wrestling.  This match has got to be from the 80s, looks like the Sportatorium.  The Invaders II & III are taking on JD McSuede & Tyres Bullmer.  The Bullmer faces off against Invader II, they lock up.  Bullmer who is of Mongolian decent is very powerful forcing Invader II into the ropes.  Invader II dodges a strike and connects with one of his own before getting a side headlock on the big man.  Tyres sends Invader II to the ropes, leap frog and a drop kick by Invader II.  Tyres Bullmer is fed up with the Invader II and just starts unloading with a kick to the stomach, a forearm shot to the back, and an elbow to the back.  The tag to JD McSuede who go to town on #2.  Pin attempt only good for a 2 count, nice bridge by #2 and he tags in Invader III.  #3 with a side head lock to a hammer lock and McSuede gets to the ropes.  McSuede makes the tag and now Bullmer is back in unleashing some power.  The commentators in this match are a bore, hardly talking about the action in the ring.  2 arm drags in succession by #3 and a quick tag to Invader II who continues to work on that arm of Bullmer.  Arm ringers and forearm smashes, but Bullmer forces #2 into his corner.  Invader II crawls between the legs of Bullmer and out of the way of danger.  Bullmer still favoring that arm gets a spin kick to the mid-section followed up by a head and arm take down, into a headlock.  Bullmer attempts to roll over Invader II three times to get a near fall, but not pin yet.  After a few pinfall attempts of his own, Bullmer being out finessed,  tags in McSuede.  And now Invader  tags in #3.  #3 with the tag to Invader  II, a body slam by Invader III followed up with a flying senton from the top and this match is over.  
Tommy’s Corner is up next.  Tommy is talking to the “Rock God” Brett Adams.  Tommy falls all over himself trying to say he isn’t crazy about managers.  Adams is very good on the mic.  Says that Tommy doesn’t deserve to be in the business, that he’s a nothing.  Adam wants to bring out the “Baddest Mofo on the Show” out here.  Out comes Brandon Locke.  Tommy says NWA On Fire has got some bad cats already and there is no way they are working from the top on their way down.  Savoldi shows no fear in the ring, but maybe he should take a step back and realize he’s just an announcer, he doesn’t need to put himself over the talent.  Brandon Locke is pretty good on the mic and he vows to be the next On Fire Champion.  Tommy wants to know if he walks the walk.  Locke and Adams definitely look to be enhancing the brand real soon.
 Finally the Main Event, “Juicy” Justin Corino and Chris Steeler the Dream Team and the fans love ’em.  I believe Justin Corino teamed up with Bobby Robinson as the Playa’s Club a few years ago.  Their opponents tonight are the NWA On Fire Tag Team Champions 1/2 of the Latin Hit Squad is Chico and 1/2 of the Executioners.  The announcers say that the Executioners were dis-masked as the the Latin Hit Squad.  Not sure what they are trying to pull.  It’s Chico teaming with Executioner 1.  The announcers are saying that Executioner #1 isn’t not Nicho, Chico’s regular partner.  The match starts off with chaos, Steeler and Corino jump Chico and #1 in the corner.  While the ref tries to separate the action, Chico hits Corino with a weapon.  Steeler has the Executioner up for a driver and Chico kicks Steeler right in the face.  Executioner rolls up Steeler and we’ve got a three count, the match is over.  Webster and Savoldi are besides themselves.  The Dream Team were robbed.  Steeler rips off the mask and it’s Joey Davis.  The referee re-starts the match, Corino uses the ole double noggin knocker on Chico and the guy that who was wearing the Executioner Mask and rolls up Chico for the Three count.  The Dream Team are the champions.  
Brian Webster gets the exclusive with the Dream Team.  Steeler said the Latin Hit Squad they couldn’t screw them this time.  They are the new tag team champions.  The Dream Team gives credit to the fans.  Webster congratulates the boys and tells them to celebrate and celebrate hard.  Dream Team gives the crowd some love, with high-fives as this NWA On Fire goes off the air.

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