NWA On-Fire: The Return of Shane Douglas

I stand here before God and my father and everyone tonight and said I would be World Heavyweight Champion. In the tradition, of Lou Thez in the tradition of Jack Brisco and the Brisco Brothers, of Dory Funk Jr. of Terry Funk the man who will never die.
And the “Real Nature Boy” Buddy Rodgers up there tonight, from the Harley Races, Barry Windhams, to the … Ric Flairs. I accept this heavyweight title wait a second, wait a second. On Kerry Von Erich, on the fat man Dusty Rhodes.

This is it tonight Dad. God that’s beautiful and Rick Steamboat and they can all kiss my ASS!

The man who attempted to murder the name of the National Wrestling Alliance, will be making an appearance for the NWA On-Fire. On Friday The 13th of March at Abraham Clark High school in Roselle, NJ Shane Douglas will be facing former ECW collegue and 2 time WWE and 2 time ECW cruiser weight champion Little Guido. Little Guido has already appeared for NWA On-Fire last year.

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