NWA On Fire Television Taping this Saturday Night Oct. 8th

It wasn’t too long ago that Bryan Furry shocked everyone in NWA On Fire by recruiting the 7′ Phenom The Giant Pharaoh to help him destroy NWA On Fire Champion Julian Starr and his partner Jason Dolloff.  Although the outcome didn’t exactly deliver what Furry was hoping for it did help to ignite the rivalry between Dolloff and the Pharaoh who will be this Saturday Night October 8th in Mexico Main at the Mexico Recreation Center.  In this special attraction, “Anything Goes.” Dolloff is one tough competitor be it in a ring or an octagon, but will he be able to withstand the punishment of the Pharaoh who will not be held by the shackles of a traditional wrestling match.  This one, won’t be the for the faint of heart.

The BWO Championship will be on the line when Sebastian Cruz takes on Makua.  Cruz will have his hands full with the Samoan Savage.  And the Shooting Stars will defend their Unified BWO & NWA On Fire Tag Titles against Capital Punishment in a rematch.  However the Main Event match up between Starr and Furry will be the match everyone is talking about Sunday Morning as Furry looks to regain the championship he desperately wants back around his waist.  These two have been igniting the State of Main On Fire and come October 8th, these two will come to a head.

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