NWA On Fire: Shane Douglas a marked man?

Shane Douglas and controversy seemingly walk hand in hand. 15 years after tossing down the 10lbs. of gold and proclaiming the NWA dead, Shane Douglas returned to the NWA by competing for the NWA On Fire Live Event in New Jersey. Friday the 13th proved to be very unlucky for the man who was once destined to be the man to carry the NWA.

Before his match Douglas had very kind words for his opponent, whom is an alumn of ECW, Little Guido. However Douglas thoughts on the NWA were less than kind. “Finally, as one who rarely believes in coincidences, I haven’t failed to notice the sardonic irony in the NWA playing host to “The Franchise’s” return. There IS just a tiny bit of history between me and this organization. My feelings, after all these years, since that night of infamy at the ECW Arena, have NOT changed. I still view that belt, and that company, with the same level of disdain I always have. New Jersey, I am on my way!!!”

Unfortunately for Douglas so was a bevy of wrestlers who took exception to the way Douglas had treated the crown. And although Douglas proclaimed to the live crowd that he regretted his decision 15 years prior and even personally appologized to Ricky O, it was all too little – too late. Out came Danny Inferno, Dave Greco, and Don Montoya. Montoya grabbed the mic and began to address Shane first by saying they weren’t there to fight but rather let him know how he ruined their careers. Don began by explaining that “Not only did he throw a belt in the garbage but he threw the entire NWA locker room in there also”. How by killing the NWA he killed a lot of careers and hard work to make the NWA/ECW relationship work.” Shane again tried to say he was sorry when Danny Inferno Said this one is for Coralluzzo and blasted Shane with a right hand that sent the former world champion to the canvas. Greco and Montoya joined in and the beating was on. Former ECW alumnist Danny Doring and Little Guido hit the ring and made the save as the show ended.

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