NWA On Fire: No Escape January 16th 2011

NWA On Fire returns to Mexico Maine for a National Television Taping during their tour of Maine on January 14th through the 16th.  A few familiar names are returning to this tour, most specifically The Great Malaki.  And this weekend can spell trouble for the top star of Maine, “The Golden Boy” Bobby Robinson.  Robinson squares of against The Great Malaki on the 14th from the Nasson Community Center in Spring Vale, if he survives that match up with championship in hand, he will face none other than the man Robinson beat for the title, El Leon Apolo.
Apolo’s return to NWA On Fire a couple weeks back was met with a great deal of fan anticipation that their man would get an opportunity to face off against Robinson.  And on January 16th for the NWA On Fire Television Taping at the Mexico Recreation Center, Apolo will get his rematch against Robinson for the On-Fire Heavyweight Title.  And just so Robinson doesn’t try to disappoint the crowd with under handed tactics or simply leaving the ring, there will be 16 Lumberjacks to ensure the action stays in the ring and that there will be a fair decision in the match.  Make sure you visit www.NWAOnFire.com for all the details and to watch NWA On Fire on line.  And if you are in the state of Maine, make sure you make the NWA On Fire Tour.

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