For the first time ever, the NWA Wrestling On Fire Heavyweight Championship will be defended in a no rope, barbed wire match! Brian Fury threw out the first punch, or should we say strike of barbed wire against Champion Julian Starr.
Plus the NWA On Fire Tag Team Championships will be on the line as for the first time ever: Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Shooting Stars (current champions) will defend against the Party Boys, Capital Punishment and the M1nute Men.
Fans, we will keep you informed on future developments of this extreme show. You wont want to miss this event that’s for sure! Stay tuned to our social networks and website.

NWA On Fire goes to the Extreme, when Brian Fury and Julian Starr determine who deserves to be tops in a no rope barbed wire match.  Certainly not for the faint of heart, these two have battled all over Maine for the prestigious NWA On Fire Championship and the viciousness will know, no bounds. 

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