NWA Oklahoma working with Indian Casinos and Tribal Lands

NWA Southwest could be considered the fastest growing territory in the NWA. With 7 promotions in Texas and more to be added in 2009 is easy to see why. Although Texas carries the most Southwest members, do not forget about Oklahoma.
NWA Oklahoma is set to take off this year as well. Already filling their venues to near capacity at their most recent shows. NWA OK is being promoted to Indian Casinos on Tribal lands tapping into a new market and gaining new venues for the NWA. The promoters for NWA OK helped secure the venue for the Southwest 11th Anniversary Show. “That’s why we, the NWA-OK will continue to run on tribal land with other tribes as far off as New Mexico already contacting us with requests. Along with those shows, we’ll continue to run off tribal land with shows already being projected in Tulsa, Hugo, Guymon, Lawton, Enid and Elk City among others. We are NWA-OK and we intend on running shows all throughout our territory, Oklahoma!” a staff writer revealed on the NWA Oklahoma Myspace Blog. The blogger continued to mention that “Add to that some joint ventures like returning to Livingston, TX 2 more times in 2009, working on a IWC Chicago/NWA-OK show in May, (Mr. Farat books for them as well)…and a possible joint venture with NWA-IZW in Arizona for a show in Bernalillo, N.M.”

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