NWA-NWR Charged Episode 68 Review

Hey now everybody. It’s time for yet another NWA-NRW review for alliancewrestling.com. I reviewed Ignition last week which is NRW’s B-Show and only goes for 30 minutes but this week is NRW Charged which is their premier television show and goes for an hour.

This weeks edition features all the fall out from their last big event which was their Halloween event titled “Shocktober” so lets get to it, shall we?

We get their intro which features the NWA logo. I know the NWA isn’t as big as it once was but it’s always cool to see the NWA logo on an event before watching it. I’m sure I’m not the only one that visits alliance-wrestling.com that enjoys seeing the NWA logo before watching an event.

Announcers welcome us to the program and are immediately hyping this as a big event, talking about how this is the first edition of Charged where NRW is actually apart of the NWA. No logos yet on their stage set up but hopefully with time they’ll put an NWA banner up there. They do have a big NWA logo on screen though which I appreciate.

Bruce Rogers Vs XJ Khaos

This is the opening match for this event and Bruce Rogers is someone I haven’t seen yet which is good to see. I like a wide range of talents and NRW features that which I really appreciate in a wrestling product. XJ Khaos is coming off a match against The Boogeyman at Shocktober and does a Juggalo gimmick. I think the Juggalo gimmick is overdone in wrestling but Khaos was okay against Boogeyman and I imagine he’ll get the opportunity to show a little more today.

I don’t really know what Bruce Rogers gimmick is but he seems to be playing the “smart wrestler” gimmick and is outwrestling Khaos in the early stages. Announcers microphones don’t seem to be syncing into the actual telecast which could become a problem for me but it’s okay for now. Rogers for a bigger guy is showing off some cool cruiserweight moves including a springboard sunset flip which I can appreciate.

Weak offense by XJ Khaos and he doesn’t really play to the fans at all either despite them jeering him. I like characters in wrestling and despite Khaos actively labeling himself as “Khaotic” (You’d assume so anyway) he isn’t really chaotic at all. Match comes to an end when Bruce Rogers is attacked by The Canadian Pitbulls who you may know as former NWA Top Of Texas Tag Team Champions. They beat Rogers up with a baseball bat and ask Rogers if they missed them. TNA’s Team Canada’s music plays for the Pitbulls which is weird.

Pretty poor opening match. I don’t like Khaos and Rogers didn’t seem to offer much although that could be because of Khaos.

– Commercial

It’s our first commercial of the evening. Did you all know that TNA Star Crimson is going to be wrestling for NWA-NRW on December 4th? No? Well, now you do.

Right now the evil authority figure from Shocktober Titus is on the way to the ring because the announcers have been hyping up a “major announcement” from him. All the wrestlers are around the ring but I just can’t get into Titus. He’s taller than most of them and looks like he weighs more. I think if you want to do the evil authority figure thing you need a guy that’s smaller which is why I’ve never got into Bruce Tharpe as a character. If you remember from Shocktober we had Titus interfere in the main event (Which was a no dq match) so we have to wonder what he’s going to say tonight.

Titus is terrible on the microphone I just have to get that out there. He’s doing the dramatic pauses after each sentence and it just isn’t working. Say what you have to and get out of the ring it’s really that simple. He announces that NRW is creating a new championship which is the NWA-NRW Charged Championship which I guess is their version of the television title. He announces a tournament for the championship where the tournament final will take place at their next big event in January.

Here comes the NWA-NRW Heavyweight Champion Hoodlum who is shorter and weighs less than Titus the evil authority figure. Hoodlum is good on the microphone and the audience really seem to love him which is good because I think he’s great. Hoodlum suggests that tonight they have an NWA-NRW Heavyweight Title match. Hoodlum says that he wants to defend against Tyler Stinson who is a very thin guy that does an MMA gimmick. He lost to Jeff McCallister at Shocktober and at Shocktober they talked about how much of a rookie he was so I don’t know why he’s getting a title match but he’s getting a chant which is good. Titus makes it a non title match and leaves the ring.

Decent segment but we don’t need Titus. He isn’t a great talker and looked awkward out there. He’s also bigger than your talent. Get rid of Titus.

NWA-NRW Lockettes Championship Match:

Angel Trinity (C) Vs Daisy Vs Des Demonae

Des is out first and she’s kind of doing a punk rock gimmick which is cool. She’s wrestling in a crop top though which I can’t get behind. I’d like to see her in some proper wrestling gear just to look the part a little more. Daisy is out next who I saw on Shocktober and she was appalling and clearly struggled to work as a heel. Speaking of Shocktober, Daisy’s opponent on that show is out next as Angel Trinity walks out. I liked Angel at Shocktober, I disliked Daisy and I’ve never seen Des so we’ll see how this one goes.

Oof. Match starts with a botched roll up by Des on Angel. Announcers are discussing who could challenge Angel Trinity next and mention that Daisy and Des Demonae could be in line for a future title match despite this being a title match itself. Des is pretty bad as well and has botched a couple of easy arm drag bumps. Daisy is now in the ring and is working over Des and it’s a mess here folks. A botched clothesline by Daisy on Des and they work a submission spot which isn’t dramatic at all. Angel is back in and should save this sequence of the match. Des botches a forearm (Seriously). Des hits one of the weakest looking chops to the chest that I’ve ever seen and we have another botched roll up this time from Angel on Daisy. ANOTHER botched roll up this time by Daisy on Des. After the botched roll up we have Daisy pull the tights on Des and mercifully it’s over.

Despite the referee holding up the NWA-NRW Lockettes Title at the start of the match Daisy doesn’t seem to have won the title as she happily walks to the backstage area. We cut to commercial break but honestly this was bad. Angel is very good but both Daisy and Des (Especially Des) shouldn’t be wrestling. When you’re botching basic moves it’s time to go back to training school and that is where they both need to be. Des has a good look and has potential. Daisy still looks like a bitchy older sister. I do think Angel Vs NWA World Women’s Champion Santana Garrett could be a really enjoyable match but NRW itself doesn’t seem to have anyone who is good in ring except Angel.

– Commercial. Up next Hoodlum Vs Tyler Stinson.

Hoodlum Vs Tyler Stinson

As I said before, Tyler Stinson isn’t someone who impressed me at Shocktober. I saw him calling spots and just in general he wasn’t that impressive. Hoodlum? Hoodlum has talent and his match stole the show. Hoodlum reminds me a little of Samoa Joe in that he looks like he can kick ass but isn’t a muscle head and he’s a big guy with agility. He looks like the type of guy that you wouldn’t want to come across in an alley. He’s also pretty clearly the face of this company because both he and his brother seem to be the most over on the roster.

The problem I have with Stinson in this match is that he’s doing an MMA gimmick but instead of doing some MMA moves he’s trying to beat Hoodlum with a roll up. If a legitimate MMA fighter got into a wrestling ring he’d be trying for a submission hold or a big knock out punch/kick not the roll up. Nice fast paced wrestling here as they go into a rest hold immediately after.

Announcers really trying to put Stinson over as some type of future star but I don’t really see that in him. He has a few nice moves but apart from that he doesn’t really offer much in the way of being a star even for an independent company. Stinson has an armbar on Hoodlum but Hoodlum gets a foot onto the ropes.

Hoodlum superkicks Stinson in the face and hits a top rope elbow drop on Stinson and the match is done. NRW seems to be doing a Money In The Bank type of gimmick because a guy in street clothes is now out and the announcers are speculating on whether or not he’ll cash in. The guy in question decides not to do it and the show finishes with Hoodlum in the ring staring down Mr. Money In The Bank.

Final Thoughts:

The first two shows I saw really ranged from “decent” to good but this one was pretty average. The opener was poor, the ladies match was really poor and whilst the main event was decent I don’t find Stinson that entertaining of a character. Really the only two performers I really rate on this show are the NWA-NRW Lockettes Champion which is Angel and Hoodlum.

Khaos has been unimpressive both times I’ve seen him whilst Daisy and Des were botching very basic moves. I don’t like Titus either and I feel a 5 minute angle to get your authority figure over is too much especially when he offers little to nothing in terms of entertainment value. I don’t like the Money In The Bank angle they’re doing either. WWE, TNA and tons of other independent promotions do the Money In The Bank thing and at this point the “Will he cash in tonight or not?!” story line is old.

Also, after being attacked at the big Shocktober event how come Hoodlum is totally cool with being in the ring with Titus and isn’t trying to beat him up? A little story line continuity would have been great there even if you just have Hoodlum reference it.

So in closing I’d give this a watch for Angel and Hoodlum but NRW honestly does offer a lot better in terms of talent and perhaps we’ll see that next week as their tournament starts. I’ll be back next week with yet another review but until then make sure you check out www.nrwprowrestling.com if you want to know more about NWA-NRW.

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