NWA North American Champion: The Sheik will speaks "Infamous Charlotte Incident"

Picture made available by Pro Wrestling Fusion

Since his debut in the National Wrestling Alliance the Sheik has always let his brutality do his speaking for him. When something more needed to be explained, the “Middle Eastern Madman” would always use an ally like Fabulous Frank or Joey Eastman punctuate the wake of devastation he had left behind. But this Friday, a vow of silence will be broken.  I have received word from the Sheik’s handlers that the man responsible for the now “Infamous Charlotte Incident” will be speaking on camera.
The Sheik has been known for putting wrestlers on the shelf, just ask Tommy Taylor and Steve Madison.  He successfully knocked out Adam Pearce for a good six minutes with a steel chair shot..  Believing he had injured the Worlds Heavyweight Champion, the Sheik retreated to the back.  But when the match eventually started, the enraged Sheik returned to finish the job.  Will the world finally find out why? Friday 12:00pm Eastern Time, the Sheik will speak for the first time ever.  Make sure you come back here to Alliance-Wrestling for the manifesto of a  madman and find out what led to the “Infamous Charlotte Incident.”

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