NWA North American Champion Sheik to defend against Carlitos Colon

The North American Championship will be on the line on January 7th from the Brownsville Event Center, in Brownsville Texas, when the Sheik will battle against former WWE Superstar Carlito Colon.
The Sheik is no stranger to wrestling Puerto Ricans or wrestling in Puerto Rico for that matter. The Sheik has had a long standing rivalry against another former WWE Wrestler and Puerto Rican Savio Vega. The Sheik actually defended the North American Championship against against Vega while in Puerto Rico in a Death Match. And lets not forget that to become the North American Champion the Sheik defeated Puerto Rican standout Apollo in Florida.
The Former World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar, has remained active since leaving the WWE. Carlitos has made appearances for Lucha Libre USA, along with taking other independent bookings. Carlitos to his home in Puerto Rico fighting in the World Wrestling Council, even becoming the Universal Heavyweight Champion. Carlitos also has made his way to Japan to wrestle for Antonio Inoki’s Inoki Genome Federation wrestling Kendo Kashin.

Can Carlitos stand up to the Sheik and win his North American Championship when his fellow Puerto Ricans couldn’t or will the reign of the Sheik continue to thwart all rivals? 

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